Mapemond Business Academy

A dynamic edutech and business academy website where busy entrepreneurs can find and take valuable courses that fit perfectly into their busy schedule.
//UI Design, //Information Architecture, //Custom CMS Development, //WooCommerce, //Analytics & SEO, Learning Management System
We were saddled with the responsibility of creating a web presence that serves as an extension of the brand experience for their target audience, allowing them to gain access to business knowledge onsite and online at retail prices.

Mapemond Business Academy
Due to the nature of the academy, having both on-site and online arms, we created a system that allows interested visitors to choose between the on-site and the online version of a course. They can purchase the on-site version and get a receipt that can be tendered at the training center. They can as well opt for the online version and immediately get enrolled to start going through the different modules.

The entire learning experience is bespoke and designed carefully to stay on-brand while capturing essential information and CTAs needed to guide visitors in the right direction. We created a robust data structure that allowed programs to either be taken on-site or online, using the same centralised landing page we created.

We created a dynamic system for adding, modifying or deleting program details so that dependency on us will be vastly reduced. Everything about the courses are dynamically controlled from the admin backend, and course landing pages are designed to control multiple programs at once.

When Clarylife Global is at work, we bring ease to both the business itself by optimizing their processes and to the end users of their products/services by making their user journey as intuitive as possible.
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