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Mapemond Business Academy Website

A dynamic, EdTech and business academy website where busy entrepreneurs can find and take valuable courses that fit perfectly into their busy schedule.
We were saddled with the responsibility of creating a web presence that serves as an extension of the brand experience for their target audience, allowing them to gain access to business knowledge onsite and online at retail prices.
Mapemond Business Academy Website
Mapemond Business Academy Website
The Mapemond brand has been known for their love for authenticity, and their penchant for solid structure, process and systems. Hence, we decided to build the icon around the concept of blocks, representing structure and systems.
Due to the nature of the academy, having both on-site and online arms, we created a system that allows interested visitors to choose between the on-site version of the course they’re purchase and the online version.
They can purchase the on-site version and get a receipt that can be tendered at the training center. They can as well opt for the online version and immediately get enrolled to start going through the different modules and lessons.

"We are your safest option when it comes to delivering excellence in brand perception and bringing ease into customer experience."

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