Simplify your business processes with our hassle-free process automation solutions.

Enjoy our web-based and turn-key business process automations. No heavy subscription plans, and perfectly tailored to your peculiar needs.

Business Process Automations (ERPs)

Staff onboarding and database management solutions

Reduce the time spent on your staff onboarding workflow. Schedule and monitor onboarding progress with ease. Get a dashboard to track and monitor your general workforce details in one place.
Employee Onboarding & Database Management
Business Process Automation

Assign tasks & send task notifications with ease

Just with the click of a button, you can assign tasks to your team and send task notifications via WhatsApp and emails. You can monitor task progress, get feedback on task status via email or WhatsApp, and also track time spent (saved, used or wasted) on each task, and by each assignee.

Task scheduling with calendar reminders

We give you an efficient and open communication system among your workforce as regards projects and deadlines.
From your mobile calendar, you have an overview of upcoming and ongoing projects, the priority level of the project, the people involved, and their direct communication lines.
Business Process Automation
Task & Productivity Management Dashboard

Task & Productivity Management Dashboard

We help your business save money by monitoring and tracking efficiency down to the tiniest detail. Get to see task assignments, progress of tasks, and performance of each employee based on roles and responsibilities per month.
Your staff member can clock in daily, and every important performance metric you need to monitor can be accessed via your custom dashboard.

Automated Invoices & Invoice Tracking System

We help you build a custom invoice-generating system that is personalized to your brand, and that goes out to the customer/client without any manual input.
We also set up a dashboard for you to track your invoices. You get to see all the unpaid invoices, the paid ones, and account receivables, along with automated deadline reminders.
Automated Invoicing

Words from our happy clients

Quotatn mrk
Dare Akinloye
Very reliable and trustworthy group of professionals, with very amazing personalities. I have had 3 jobs done by them, and they were all timely delivered and superbly done. I enjoyed their professionalism in suggesting what is right and best for our website, as well as their timely responsiveness to edits and special requests.
Yandisa Citwa
Working with Clarylife Global on various AWIEF projects over the past few months has been a fruitful experience. I recommend them for your next project, and you will not only receive brand design expertise but also web solutions that will help your business attract more clients and generate more revenue.
Johann Söhnge
My partners and I asked Simeon to design a logo for our business and a website. He and his team put in a lot of effort to fully understand our logo’s story and what our branding journey should look like. Delivery included detailed brand guides. They delivered excellently all the way through. I would work with Simeon again.
Quotatn mrk

We pay keen attention to functionality and usability

Functionality and usability are at the core of what we do. With a design-thinking approach, we put your users first in every creative decision.
Business objectives

We create a balance between creativity and logic

We solve design problems both from the angle of creativity and the angle of logic. We ensure every design decision is data driven.
Profitability & Security

We take privacy and data security very seriously

Privacy is at the core of our work. We always do our best to protect clients’ information and ensure their business data is safe with us.
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