Church Management Solutions

Our church management solution is designed to reduce your administrative paperwork by over 75%, increase your workforce efficiency, and improve communication flow within the church.

Enjoy our consultative and turn-key church administrative solution

No expensive and generic software. We build for you what is relevant to your peculiar administrative structure in record time, using tools that require no monthly subscription, train your team on the usage, and hand over your solution.

Workforce onboarding and database management

We design a solid workforce registration workflow for your church based on your strategic goals and objectives. We create digital systems to reduce the time spent on onboarding new workers. We give you a custom dashboard to track and monitor your general workforce details in one place.
Weekly Activity Scheduling & Reminders

Weekly activity scheduling and reminders

We help you create a dynamic monthly calendar of weekly church services. This calendar helps you to input the exact church services, the officiating ministers in the service, and their emails. From this setup, we create an automatic calendar reminder for officiating ministers multiple times on the day before their day of engagement.

Automated birthday reminders and greetings

Never miss the birthdays of your workforce again. Their banks don’t forget. Why should their church forget? We set up a system where the birthdays of your members of the workforce are automatically captured on a calendar.
On each volunteer’s birthday, an automatic email is sent to them from the church, and this happens on auto-pilot i.e., every 365 days, it repeats itself for every registered member of the workforce.
Automated Birthday Reminders & Greetings
Church Attendance Monitoring

Weekly Service Attendance Monitoring

Forms are created to allow your ushers to input attendance data for every service. These forms are automatically fed into a database with dynamic visualisation that helps you track patterns in attendance volume, special events, and other trends.
This visualization is also highly interactive such that you can determine the date range you want to check and see the averages of males, females, and children.

Dynamic dashboard that provides real-time insights

The workforce database is connected to a dynamic dashboard that answers relevant questions about your existing workforce, financials, church attendance, and branch performances based on your peculiar administrative structure.
We help you draw unique and valuable insights, including membership growth, age bracket distribution, population by units, single and married population by units, male and female population by units, leadership structure of each unit, etc.
Church Admin Dashboard

Words from our happy clients

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Dare Akinloye
Very reliable and trustworthy group of professionals, with very amazing personalities. I have had 3 jobs done by them, and they were all timely delivered and superbly done. I enjoyed their professionalism in suggesting what is right and best for our website, as well as their timely responsiveness to edits and special requests.
Yandisa Citwa
Working with Clarylife Global on various AWIEF projects over the past few months has been a fruitful experience. I recommend them for your next project, and you will not only receive brand design expertise but also web solutions that will help your business attract more clients and generate more revenue.
Johann Söhnge
My partners and I asked Simeon to design a logo for our business and a website. He and his team put in a lot of effort to fully understand our logo’s story and what our branding journey should look like. Delivery included detailed brand guides. They delivered excellently all the way through. I would work with Simeon again.
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We pay keen attention to functionality and usability

Functionality and usability are at the core of what we do. With a design-thinking approach, we put your users first in every creative decision.
Business objectives

We create a balance between creativity and logic

We solve design problems both from the angle of creativity and the angle of logic. We ensure every design decision is data driven.
Profitability & Security

We take privacy and data security very seriously

Privacy is at the core of our work. We always do our best to protect clients’ information and ensure their business data is safe with us.
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