Winning brand strategies for 2020


What are the winning strategies for 2020?

Give your brand a human feel

People do business with people, not logos and flyers. People want to feel safe and be sure they are transacting business with someone who has human feelings and empathy. They want to feel secure and treated as a human being, not just a figure somewhere. Your customers want to be sure you understand exactly how they feel, the challenges they have and the dreams on their minds. One great way to achieve this is by telling stories that resonate with them. The video here is an advert by MTN, but it captures an essential part of our daily living as millennials.

Leverage on technology

2020 is a year you need to pay attention to customer experience. Making life easy for your customers should be your priority this year. Technological advancements such as chat-bot technology, online payment platforms, e-commerce, email marketing, Google My Business, etc., are things you should grab this year. People will always gravitate towards the business that makes life easiest for them. Is it easy for your customers to locate you? Is it easy for them to trust you? Is it easy for them to pay you? Is it easy for them to get their products/services delivered? Any area that posses a challenge to your customer is a leakage you should block.

Never drop quality for affordability

People will rather save for a premium service that’s quite expensive than have to manage a poor but affordable service. Never drop your quality for price. If there’s something you should compete with, it should be increase in quality and creative customer experience. Not price.

Leverage on social communities

Whatever business you’re operating this 2020, you can’t survive in isolation. You need to be an active player and contributor in communities where people are always (or often) talking about your business. Because that’s where your customers are. 

Always think mobile first

Whatever digital design or interface you’re building, always remember that 95% of people who will use your design or visit such interface will be doing so, from a mobile device. Always ensure everything you do is appealing and functional on mobile. That’s your best bet.

Know who your competitors are

Woe betides a player who does not know who he/she is playing against. In this 2020, have your key competitors as your case study. Be quick to study their moves, their strategies and most importantly, what seems to be working for them. This will help you to make informed decisions as to which direction to focus on and how to always differentiate yourself from them.

Get people that matter to blow your trumpet

In other words, pay attention to influencer marketing. However, these days, mega-influencers are beginning to lose their savour in that people are now becoming wary of influencers who just promote products for the cash.  Locating micro-influencers will yield more ROI in the end.

Look for ways to always give back

Look for ways to always give back and participate in social responsibilities. These days, people will only keep remembering those businesses who play actively in the betterment of the society. Those brands who identify with a cause and support it fully. People want to see that you’re not just after profits, but you also have the good of the people at heart.

The way we see and perceive branding has changed drastically over the years. It has gone beyond visual differentation and appeal. It's now a human being relating with human beings with all of the emotions, empathy and human connections.

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