Why Innoson Motors Puts New Logo on the Shelf

Why Innoson Motors Puts New Logo on the Shelf

The purpose of a brand identity is not just for t-shirts, cards & letterheads. It is meant to solve a problem of perception, positioning & communication across board.

Why did Innoson shelf the new popular logo?

In this post, we attempt to discuss the matter from a pure branding perspective.

Brand identity development is not just something that ends with social media handles, business cards, letterheads & t-shirts, just like many upcoming brands do it these days. Brand identity development is a project that covers the personality, processes & signature attributes of the brand to be developed – taste, texture, voice, tone, appearance as the case may be. Before ever coming to the point of logo design, there are many areas of brand identity development that need to be covered. Some of them include:

  • Defining the story behind the brand and the journey so far i.e. brand story.
  • Defining the future ahead of the brand i.e. the vision.
  • Defining why the brand exists i.e. the mission.
  • Defining the reputation such brand seeks to build i.e. brand positioning.
  • Defining who the average client/customer is i.e. client avatar.
  • Defining who the competitions are i.e. competitive landscape analysis.

The information gathered from these six parameters is what helps to make the best of decisions when determining the external features of the brand – how it looks, how it sounds and how it feels.

Looking at all of these, depending on the size of the organization or business, the budget can vary. For large enterprises with so many branches, volumes of brand collaterals, already established recognition in the market and large workforce, it can cost a fortune to embark on such projects. And also, such a decision would be a critical one. If not carefully taken, it can be a real brand disaster.

Considering this, it was a very noble choice on the part of the management of Innoson Motors to shelf the implementation of the new logo designed by Osuolale Farouq. In a meeting with the brand designer on the 30th of January, 2020, Dr. Innocent Chukwuma, the Chairman of Innoson Motors expressed his appreciation and love for the “great job done well”. However, he added that the cost of executing the project at the moment is not something they are currently ready for.

Osuolale Farouq was well appreciated for his time, effort, initiative and expertise. And also, he has been promised to be invited when the company is ready to take up the rebranding exercise.


On a close, are you a business owner or a creative? When it comes to having a brand identity, don’t just think it is some icing on a piece of cake. You need to get this straight. Design is meant to solve a problem – attract the right attention, trigger the right emotions and help people to make the right decisions, more easily. It’s not some unguided guesswork done by some playful folks with personal computers.

No one invests so much into something without expecting good returns from it. If you must get good returns on investment with branding, the timing and strategy have to be right. Or else, it will be a waste of effort and money. So, brand identity development is not an impulsive decision you make. It must be guided and should come as a result of a Brand Audit.

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