The Power of Visuals in Marketing Communications


The Power of Visuals in Marketing Communications

It has been rightly said that “a picture is always worth a thousand words”.

When words are made visual, they wield a tremendous power on the minds of anyone. And as technology begins to advance, and people continue to get busier with devices here and there, attention span continues to diminish in a scary rate.

As a result of all these, marketers and advertising agencies continue to be faced with the challenge of getting attention and having strong impressions on their audience. Of course, these are the things that lead to profits. Little wonder, visuals are now a regular staple when it comes to marketing communications.

Records have it that people will always remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, and 80% of what they read and do. In the light of this, marketers and advertising agencies must always focus on creating visual content.
The Power of Visuals in Marketing Communications
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There are three important goals of every brand marketing effort:

  1. Attract the right attention
  2. Create the right impression
  3. Trigger the right decision
  4. Steer users in the right direction
At Clarylife Global, we fondly call these the A.C.T.S of Brand Marketing

These four goals must always progress in the above sequence for the success of any marketing effort. It’s always about the attention first, which then triggers an emotion, and ultimately bring about “taking an action”.

How do you achieve all of these in one singular piece of marketing communication? The answer is simple! Use visuals strategically and creatively. The questions you always want to ask when making decisions on the kind of visuals to use are:

1) Does it make anyone curious?

Of course, Moses (in the Bible) was drawn to the burning bush because there was something that aroused curiousity about the scene – a bush burning and the leaves were not getting consumed. What an odd and unexpected event!

So, how can you bring that into your marketing? What kind of visual will help you get that effect? These are questions you want to ask.

2) Does it align with our brand identity?

Your identity must always shine through every of your marketing. The visual should reflect your brand archetype, your brand personality and tone of voice. People should be able to link it back to you even without seeing your logo.

3) Does it contain elements people can relate with?

You don’t want to use visuals that are totally off point. If no one can relate with it, it has failed. Your visual should communicate a message that resonates with people. There must a striking point for people to give it their attention. Of course, you’ll agree that the best way to initiate a successful conversation with anyone is to begin from areas of common interest.


Randomness is a killer to every brand-building effort. It is always counter-productive. You don’t want to welcome it in your business. Paying attention to every detail of your marketing communication will always do you a better service. Do you have need for an agency whose core value is “ATTENTION TO DETAILS”? Then, we’re your plug. Reach out today.

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