A website that communicates to teenagers, clean, simple and fun to navigate. A platform where young people are connected with mentors and people can be matched to different mentors based on their peculiar needs.
Teenpreneur Academy
Teenpreneur Academy was set up to help young people to learn relevant life skills in a very friendly and conducive ecosystem, with well robust programmes, handled and delivered by experts in various fields. We believe they don’t have to wait to become adults or college graduates before learning these things.


Teenpreneur Academy
We created a very simple and easy-to-navigate homepage with custom-made design. We started by designing a user interface prototype, then implemented on a CMS that is easy to manage by the client without the need for coding. Choices of colours, fonts, images & animations on the site were made to align with the target audience & value proposition of the platform.
Website can be easily managed from the backend. Client’s in-house team can update lists of mentors and also connect them with mentees in a seamless manner.
We explored different styles and feel in an attempt to create that children-like feel around the different web pages. The idea was to give a beautiful and engaging experience despite the few content available as at the time of development.
Teenpreneur Academy
Teenpreneur Academy

"We're your trusted partner when the main priorities are excellence in brand perception and ease of customer experience."

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