Staying productive during the coronavirus lockdown


Staying Productive During the Coronavirus Lockdown

I know how difficult it is for some business owners to maintain focus and stay on track this season. Staying productive during the coronavirus lockdown won’t come by chance. The truth is, for a lot of us, we still don’t understand how the days are moving quite fast under our grip. There is so little on ground to account for, but then several days have passed by since this lockdown.

Perhaps, you need to borrow some lessons from those who have spent a long time working remotely even before covid-19 came up. There is a way we bring the atmosphere of work right into the house. We don’t just start work anyhow. There is a switch we turn on in our minds that keeps us focused for hours: attending to the WhatsApp chats, keeping track of the email feedbacks, watching a YouTube video to solve a technical problem at hand, replying comments on Facebook and still remembering to take a break to connect with family members. This kind of discipline and balance doesn’t happen by default. You train your mind for it and also help your family members to get used to it.

So, what are some of the things you need in staying productive during the coronavirus lockdown?

1) Avoid working in your bedroom.

The atmosphere in the bedroom is conditioned to bring sleep. Everything you see in there is a minister of sleep. And if you’re in a self-contain, don’t work on the bed or beside it. Go to your desk.

2) Maintain a work-life routine.

Don’t just jump on the system immediately you wake up. Have time for family devotion, tidying the home & all of those things that help you to connect with your home, before jumping at your system. It’s good for mental balance.

3) Start your day with learning something.

Start your workday with learning something. Maybe a short YouTube video on vital business lessons, Instagram algorithm, storytelling, etc. Just learn something first. And it could also be a motivational piece. Just do something to kick-start your productivity engine.

4) Always have a plan the night before.

Spend some time in the night to plan what your next day should look like. Truth is, life will always keep you busy. But only you can keep yourself productive. And the only way to keep yourself productive is to have a plan for your life. Take time out at night to plan you next day because no day will go as planned when there’s no plan. Don’t just wake up in the morning, looking for whatever will come to engage you.

What I do is, I set goals for myself daily which are in line with my monthly objectives. Every morning, I have at least, 5 things to achieve before 12pm. Until I achieve them, I don’t move on to anything else. Someone has said, “to be productive daily, always do what you have to do before doing what you want to do.” That takes discipline. Right? And even in cases when there are no jobs at hand, bring up your brand and begin a routine check on your digital presence. That’s a noble work. You may see some loose ends or loopholes that need to be fixed.

5) Time yourself on social media

Give yourself a set time for social media. If it’s 15 minutes for 5 times a day or 20 minutes for 3 times a day. Just make sure your social media is timed. This is not your home. You only come here to socialize and do business.

6) As a creative, keep inspiration boards

If you’re a creative like me, it’s easy for you to start so many things and finish none. You first tell yourself, “I need to gather inspiration (and of course, that’s what we call it).” 😁 And then, you move from Chris Do to Morejanda, Pinterest to Freepik, Illustrator to CorelDraw, Instagram to Whatsapp stories, etc. And then for hours, you’ve done nothing.

If I just prophesied your case, come forward! You need to keep a Pinterest board or Behance moodboard for the several areas of design you’re into. This helps you to have a pool of case studies to inspire you, and it will deliver you from that digital vagabond spirit.

7) Have a regular time off work

Have regular time off work. Working for eight hours stretch can never be as productive as taking 15 minutes break after every 45 minutes of the work. It’s just like using an axe for eight days. You can’t expect it to still be as sharp on the 8th day as it was on the 2nd day. So, you wanna work for eight hours stretch? Break it into moderate chunks: let’s say a 10 minute break after every one hour 30 minutes.

Final words

Are you a business owner or freelancer and you even don’t have any solid platform you can call your own where you engage and nurture your audience? That’s a very bad situation you’re in. Even in the lockdown, many of your competitions are out there, seriously engaging and interacting with your audience on daily basis. They do this via social platforms and websites. And always remember that “out of sight” for a long time can turn to “out of mind”. Don’t risk losing your audience to the lockdown. They now spend more hours on social media. Get in there with them. Will you need help with setting up functional and sales-generating platforms? We’re here for you.

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