Spatial Branding – Giving Your Space the Brand Touch


Spatial Branding - Giving Your Space the Brand Touch

Have you ever visited a place and the entire look and feel of the place triggered some emotions in you that lingered for a long while? That was me on my first visit to ColdStone Creamery in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. There was this sweetness in the air, so thick, it could be cut through with a knife. The ambiance had a kind of scent that calmed the nerves, and the visuals took me back to my childhood when all I craved for were just sweet stuff.

I could only imagine how this experience must have been intentionally designed even before I got in there.
One thing I’ve come to understand is, as a business owner, you don’t own your brand. Your customers own it. All you own is the experience you give them. Branding is far beyond the logo, colours, typography and tagline. It’s the communication of what you represent – your story, ethos and vision, and how you seek to be perceived. Being intentional and strategic in designing that experience is what gives you control.

Bernd Schmitt, the professor and business consulting expert, indicated in his book Marketing Aesthetics that brands are decoded in spatial environments whether you want it or not. Your branded space is one of the strongest customer touch-points and the power you have as someone building a brand is that you can design the look and feel to create a signature experience for the specific audience group you’re trying to target.

Branded environments help you to communicate your personality, culture, mission and the vision of your organization, both to your employees and the customers who walk in.
Spatial Branding - Giving Your Space the Brand Touch

How is spatial branding achieved?

Spatial branding can require some or all of the following fields of expertise – graphics design, interior design, architecture, marketing, media, engineering, etc. Creating a branded environment requires strategic planning and can vary depending on the kind of business in question.

For some businesses, they just need to express their history and values through wall arts, window graphics, paintings, and some quotes on the wall. For others, they just need to create an in-store customer experience with strategic interior arrangement and styling. Also, this is highly applicable to physical events and gatherings where you as an organizer, have control over what people see, hear, smell, and touch.

Impact of spatial branding

Design is how we live, think, and relate with fellow humans and objects around us. Spatial branding uses the power of design-thinking to bring simplicity and ease into users’ experience while communicating certain ideals, perceptions, and emotions. Very strongly, but in a subtle manner. The major sensory targets here are: sight, hearing, smell, and touch.
When done right, spatial branding leaves an indelible impression in the minds of your visitors, customers, attendees, and even employees. It fosters a strong bond in the workplace among employees and makes it easier for them to embrace your values as a business than just having them written in a boring profile.
Who doesn’t want that? Not you, not me! Question: does your space reflect what you truly stand for? Do a quick evaluation to see, what exact feeling does your space trigger? Is it glaring that you need some help? Reach out to us today!


At Clarylife Global, we understand that every business is in a struggle to keep winning the heart of its target audience. And if you look at this struggle from a bigger lens, customers are also in constant check to see which business makes life easiest for them. Immediately they find one, they gravitate towards that ONE. Our mission at Clarylife Global is to bring ease and simplicity to your cusomters’ journey and brand experience.

Article written by Simeon Taiwo

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