Simplicity remains the core essence of branding

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The greatest brands in the last decades have one thing in common – making life simple for their audience. Think of big brands like Google, Apple, MacDonalds. These are brands who have continued to work their butts off just to make sure every form of difficulty in their customers’ journey is properly dealt with.

Think of the Google Page with its bare white page and a blank text box. That’s a high level of simplicity. And of course, can you imagine how many people visit this page on a daily basis? If it were to be a geographical location, by now, Google would probably be an overcrowded and most popular tourist center in the world. Why? They made simplicity their watchword.

Amazon's "One-Click Ordering"

What about Think of their “One-Click Ordering” innovation. It was a great game-changer in the e-commerce world. This is simplicity exemplified.  And totally against the opinion of keeping visitors for as long as possible on a website in order to make them buy. They went totally against the norm in order to create a simplified customer-experience.

Come to think of these factors...

It doesn’t matter if what you sell is pepper in the local market or you roast “boole” by the roadside. What matters is that whatever you do, you make life easier for the people who seek your product/services. People want to make easier choices and when the options are too many, choice making becomes more difficult. So, making yourself unique and stand out is an art of helping your buyers to make an easy choice of buying from you instead of the rest.

Do people always have to leave their change with you simply because you always don’t have change to give them after buying from you, looking for ways to eliminate that is a reason some people will choose to buy from you instead of others. Why? You’re making life easier for them.

Is your place too far from where people who buy from you are mostly localized? Looking for a way to take orders and make delivery to them could be a reason a lot of them will stick to you instead of jumping to your competitor nearest to them.

Simplicity is not only in design systems and aesthetics but mostly in your processes and structures that come together to constitute the entire customer experience – from awareness to purchase. Even though a lot of businesses start being complex right from their logos, designs systems & aesthetics on social media, advert flyers and in general marketing, the worst is that, they bring the complexity into their business operations – working culture, payment systems, customer service, technical support, etc.

Life is already complex and difficult to say the least. As a business who exists for the purpose of serving people, the best you can do for them is to always innovate ways of alleviating difficulties in your customer experience by making processes simpler for them. This is 2020 and customers are ready to go all out for brands that make life easier for them. The only chance you’ve got is to be one of those brands.

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