A website that aligns with the brand goals, easy to navigate with a clear site map. Fully functional portfolio website with a mobile-first approach. Website should be easy to manage by the client’s team after complete development.
Simeon Taiwo Website
Simeon Taiwo is a BrandCore Strategist who specializes in creating integrated brand solutions for businesses in the tech and knowledge-based industries. He’s a certified strategist with more than three years of industry experience, having his root in brand development, web development and start-up growth. He is the founder and creative director at Clarylife Global.


Simeon Taiwo Website
This is still one of our favourite corporate website designs with a sleek interface and loads of amazing features. It was carefully created to be clean, classy and the development really required some pixel-perfect touch.
We created a number of landing of landing pages to help convey all the different arms of the brand. We tied them all to an introductory page that showcases the brand and the different arms.
We worked hand-in-hand with our lead consultant to design a simple, bespoke and modern web presence for his personal brand, and with the help of our copywriter who provided us with the needed content for the design, while we faced the area of site-mapping, content architecture, UI and development. We first designed the user interface on Figma, and then implemented the design with a CMS the client team can easily work with.

"We're your trusted partner when the main priorities are excellence in brand perception and ease of customer experience."

This website was designed and developed by our developer team at Clarylife Global.
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