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Who We Are

Clarylife Global is a Nigeria-based branding agency with a strong grasp on various aspects of corporate branding, brand identity development, web development & brand strategy.

We are known for our magic touch when it comes to simplicity & class.

What We Do

The essence of design is in its functionality and ease of use. As a result, we always focus on profit-oriented designs that catch the right attention, trigger the right emotions & facilitate the right decisions.

Our Working Principles

As a branding agency, our growth is driven and fast-tracked by a set of standards we always place ourselves under. They guide how we treat our clients, every project at hand and every result we seek to achieve for our clients.

We stop at nothing

We always stretch our limits when it comes to giving our clients the best and ensuring they achieve their end goals through us.

We Love To Explore​

We explore every available options and with proper industry research to ensure our client stands a competitive chance.

We Take It Step-By-Step

We believe every outstanding and long-lasting result is a product of strategic processes. Our results so far attest to this fact.

We Keep It Simple

Simplicity remains the highest form of sophistication. We help our clients communicate their brands with simplicity & clarity.

Our Philosophy

In a world that’s already full of noise and complexities, the best any brand can do is to communicate its value in simple ways that easily resonate with the people they exist to serve. For us, design is not fancy aesthetics, but the accurate communication of what you seek to represent before the people who should care.

Our mission is to ensure our clients grow in visibility, brand perception and ultimately, in their profitability.

Our Process

1. Brand Clarity

As a branding agency, our work does not start with sketch pads or computer soft-wares. Our work starts with trying to understand the exact problem our client wants us to solve. We ask questions to know what exactly you’re trying to communicate, who you’re trying to communicate to and why they should care to listen. This is because we deeply understand that no good design can rescue a failed content.

2. Brand Strategy

We work with you to define the key elements of your brand such as:

  • Your value proposition
  • Your mission and vision
  • Your target audience & pain-points
  • Your unique selling point & positioning statement
  • Your brand personality
  • Market segmentation

3. Verbal Communication

Branding is not just about visuals, but also about what you’re saying and how you’re saying it! With an understanding of what our client’s target market wants and how they them, we work with our client to ensure they are communicating directly to the market with a consistent and coherent tone across their brand touch points. Areas we work on include:

  • Brand tagline
  • Tone of voice
  • Positioning statement
  • Brand story

4. Visual Communication

At this point, we bring together all the brand adjectives, metaphors and keywords in order to craft out style guidelines for future designs to ensure consistency across all the brand touch-points. We define:

  • Brand colours
  • Logo usage
  • Typography
  • Mood boards

5. Brand Communication

Without strategic advertisement, a business is just like a lamp covered with a basket. Even the best of products and services still need marketing. At the tail end of our activities, we start to roll out marketing materials and user interfaces:

  • Stationery and prints
  • Web interface
  • Social media templates
  • Automations
  • Packaging and signage

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