The last-client principle

Have you been considering growing your brand and building credibility around yourself? Go back to the experience you gave your last client. How your last client feels about you and what he/she shares about you is the greatest factor. If you can’t give a premium experience to each client who comes around you, don’t expect a premium growth/increase.Both in expertise, customer service, friendliness, pamper, etc., keeping your last client happy is critical.

You may have the best of marketing strategies, booming social media accounts and new clients flowing in at the moment, but you can never be stronger than the number of clients you’re able to keep to yourself. Just of recent, we sealed a client on LinkedIn who paid in full just after getting my proposal on a full branding project for an online fashion store. When we saw the alert in our business account, we were awed at why someone who just met us on LinkedIn would pay in full for a project he has not even seen?

Guess what?

After getting the payment, we sent our WhatsApp number so that we could continue our conversation from there and by the time he chatted us up, we observed he was an old client who used to patronize us when we were still charging near FREE. Seriously? This guy came back and trusted us this way? That passed a message.

It sends a lesson down into our subconscious – people may forget what you do for/to them, but they will never forget how you made them feel. And whenever people are considering whether to trust you, they will only bank on the last experience they had with you.


The last client you worked with, what was his/her remark?

Is your business back-door closed?

You see, loyal clients are not born. They are made. No client has an obligation to remain loyal to you. You are the one to ensure they have no reason to walk out through the back-door. And guess what? Disloyal customers are not hard to fetch. Check for that last client of yours who was not satisfied with your service or had a complaint that was not properly addressed. That person is probably just staying around until he/she finds a better alternative. The only way to keep such person is to become the better alternative really fast. Here are some questions to check how properly closed your back door is:

  • How is your customer service?
  • What quality of service do you offer to them?
  • When it comes to feedback & complaints, how do you treat your clients?
  • What other value-added packages or incentives do you attach to your services that make you competitive?
  • Do you keep a business-customer relationship or you go the extra-mile to build a solid rapport with your customers?
You see, it’s very simple. Business growth is hinged on having that first client. If you can serve just one person beautifully well, that can become a link to 10 other persons. Every last person you served is a megaphone to your brand. But the kind of megaphone they will be is determined by the kind of experience they left with. That’s the Last-Client Principle

Your marketing may attract so many customers at a time, but your brand is what determines if they will come back again. Marketing can push your revenue up, but only your brand determines how profitable you can be. Marketing can open wide your front door, but only your brand determines whether your back door is open or closed.

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