How to build websites that sell


How to build websites that sell...

Websites that sell, sell something. Websites that sell, sell something to someone. Websites that sell, sell something to someone with a need.
You may have a website that’s so beautiful, nice to look at, but yields no profit. If you don’t understand the science of making money with your website, it then becomes a luxury. You keep spending to maintain it, but making nothing out of it.
So, before you decide on having a website, the first question to ask is, “what do I plan to get out of the investment?” Yes, you got that well! It has to be bringing you some sort of ROI.

Are you doing it to build a solid brand perception for a class of audience? Are you doing it just to sell your products and services? Is it a part of a bigger business goal for your company where some of the operations of the business will need to be automated?

You must know why you need a website in the first place. Because, not everyone really needs a website. Not every kind of business needs a website. Some are better off staying on social media and making their sales directly with third-party payment platforms and online marketplaces. We have the,, Facebook Marketplace, WhatsApp Business, Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

How do you know you really need a website?

How to create the website that sell.

How to build websites that sell

You remember the first three statements we started with. Right? So, what we’ll do is to start from the last and proceed to the first. To know how to build websites that sell, you need to follow this order.

Websites that sell, sell something to someone with a need.

The first question to ask from here is, what problem is that website going to solve? We need to be specific on the exact kind of problem the website is solving. The entire design of the website, what a visitor is going to see first and how the visitor’s journey will be on the website should be informed by the answer to this question. Your web copies, value proposition, content architecture, imagery, calls-to-action, etc., must be solving a particular problem.

Websites that sell, sell something to someone.

The next thing to do is to clearly define who has the problem we’re solving. The tone of voice we use in creating the web copies, the kind of story we’re telling on the website, the look and feel of the website, must be communicating intimately to a unique category of audience. Trying to talk to everyone with your website is the same talking to no one in particular.

Websites that sell.

The last thing is to define the product, services & unique experience we’re offering as we solve the problem. So, do you have a well-packaged product, a service line or well-defined framework/process for solving your visitor’s problem? This is where we begin to communicate those functional & emotional benefits attached to your solution while creating clear calls-to-action for those who would be interested.
Have you been worried about being able to get a website that brings in massive sales for your products & services, or a website that positions you effectively as an industry leader in your niche? At Clarylife Global, we don’t just design for you to feel good; rather, we design for you to meet your business objectives.
At Clarylife Global, we understand that every business is in a struggle to keep winning the heart of its target audience. And if you look at this struggle from a bigger lens, customers are also in constant check to see which business makes life easiest for them. Immediately they find one, they gravitate towards that ONE. Our mission at Clarylife Global is to bring ease and simplicity to your cusomters’ journey and brand experience.

Article written by Simeon Taiwo

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