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“Your assumption that people know what you can offer is actually the reduction of your value before them.” – Simeon Taiwo

I’m very certain that just like me, you always seek to have that one client who will wipe away your tears and help you forget your years of hard labour. Of course, it doesn’t take more than just one client for that testimony to happen in your life.

However, that one client has probably been around for a while now and you don’t even know it. And interestingly, the person has also been looking for you and wondering where you are.

Seriously? Yeah!

The challenge is, you’re not communicating what will make the person notice you.

What do I mean by this?

You see, a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners can describe what they do better than they can describe the problem it solves for the people. Each day they wake up, they keep shouting what they can do and not the problem they can solve with it. This is the reason so many startups fail to grow is. They are so passionate about what they do and that’s all they care to communicate, whereas people are asking, “how does that help me?”

This is the difference between having a passion and having a business. If you really want to do business, you have to shift the spotlight from yourself and beam it on your audience. It’s about their problems, dreams and aspirations, their struggles and doubts. Until you begin communicating from the standpoint of your audience, no one will get what you’re saying.

Check your platforms today and put yourself in the position of a potential buyer. Think of your problem as the potential buyer and see if your platform is communicating that problem in any way. I hope that helps! Do you nee to revamp your brand story and value proposition to attract the right audience and build the right influence? You can contact Clarylife Global.

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