Fighting Distractions As A Startup


Fighting distractions as a startup

As a founder of fast-growing branding and web agency in South-Southern Nigeria, one of the daily challenges I face is choosing between what to get engaged with and what to discard, demands to accept and the ones the reject, what to invest my time into at the moment and what to shelf for a later time.
Everyday, we’re bombarded with choices to make. We see things that inspire us, challenge us and it’s like, “Oh! I should be doing this!” And while still trying to move in that direction, we see another one. Again, we’re like, ” Oh! For heaven’s sake, where have I been? Mehn! I’m backward!”
And then, we jump from one thing to another without really finishing any. A lot of times, we just jump on things because they feel good, they’re nice to have and they seem to boost our ego. But the truth is, they’re not important for the business. They’re just there to grease your ego and make you feel good that “you’re also there.” You know that feeling? Of course, you do!
But then, if you’re really out there to play the longer game, these are impulses you need to always wrestle against. Truly, our fights are not against competitors doing flashy things around us or the sharks in the industry doing mighty things. Our fights are actually against our own untamed impulses, distractions here and there, inability to ask the right questions and face the answers & the difficulty of saying NO. He who overcomes the latter is truly the strongest.
Can I tell you something? You see, needs will always evolve and as long as heaven and earth remain, human problems will always increase. If you must aim and get a perfect shot at things, you don’t aim at what is (what’s currently happening). Rather, you aim at what can be.
I used to say, you can’t penetrate where there is no hole. If you haven’t found a loop hole, an unmet need, a performance gap, you don’t have any VALUE to OFFER, no matter how juicy your packages look like. Real entrepreneurs are the ones who are daily upgrading themselves to match up with increasing demands & unmet needs. It’s not about what’s currently happening and flashing around, but about what others are not paying attention to.
It’s good to look around, but then, decide what you fix your eyes on and what really gets your attention. That’s where your battle really lies.

– Simeon Taiwo, Clarylife Global.

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