Excel and Grace Consulting Website

Excel and Grace Consulting is a fast-paced business consulting organization with a track record of delivering exceptional business solutions to small and medium-scale enterprises in Nigeria, Ghana, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, etc.
//UI Design, //Information Architecture, //Custom CMS Development, //Analytics & SEO, Portfolio Website Design
The old website lacked optimal user experience and gave the brand a lower-than-standard positioning. Web content and links were poorly distributed and user journey was haphazard. So, we had a task of revamping the web experience while maintaining the brand's look and feel.

Excel and Grace Consulting Website
We created an intuitive visual system that matches the brand identity.

We designed a personalized content architecture that matches the kind of positioning the brand seeks to create and that also caters for their business objective (lead attraction). We also ensured the entire design is properly optimized for search engines and mobile users.

We reworked their entire blogging system to give their readers a sweet reading experience. We also ensured their web form is properly optimized for proper correspondence.
This website was designed and developed by our developer team at Clarylife Global.
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