Cowrie Capital Partners Website

Cowrie Capital Partners is a Pan-African venture fund with a gender-lens focus. The fund was formed by three partners who represent three regions in Africa – Southern Africa, East Africa and West Africa; a strong pillar on team diversity, reach and culture.
//UI Design, //Information Architecture, //Custom CMS Development, //Analytics & SEO, Portfolio Website Design
After creating the visual identity, we were assigned to set up a web platform that serves as a portfolio touch-point for the brand which reflects the brand's personality, tells the story in a captivating manner, and compels the visitors to take necessary actions on the website.

Cowrie Capital Partners Website
We created a unique visual flow that reflects true Africanism with a touch of feminism due to the target audience and brand promise of the company.

We mapped out a unique information architecture that captures the available details for the website project, and that best fits the needed user journey on the site. We also ensured the entire design is properly optimized for search engines and mobile users.

We ensured seamless email deliverability by ensuring cPanel emails are not flagged as spam or promotional, and sender's ID is properly captured by the recipient's email provider.
This website was designed and developed by our developer team at Clarylife Global.
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