Business Branding 001

  • Fundamentals of Business Branding
  • Brand Communication Essentials
  • Positioning for Market Domination
  • Craft Winning Brand Statements
  • Winning Market Penetration Strategies

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Get started with the right mindset, get set on the right lane, for brand success.

Your Instructor

Simeon is the founder, lead strategist & developer at Clarylife Global. He works with regularly with medium-sizedĀ  & start-up organizations to build brand identities and web solutions around their products & services. He’s a certified brand strategist, data analyst and fast-response content creator.

Simeon practically built his brand from zero to a 6-figure monthly profit business enterprise within the space of one year. And as a clarity coach, he’s passionate about sharing his knowledge and giving direction to people who seek to gain clarity of their personal and business brand.

Simeon is happily married to his wife, Abisola Simeon, and they both have a lovely son, Hallel Demilade Simeon.


Here are some of the beautiful feedback collected from people who have benefited greatly from Simeon’s impact.

A huge thanks to Clarylife Global for this insightful and educative course – Business Branding 001. I really found it valuable. Each lesson was a hit and full of applicable truths.

Blessing Alabi

This Business Branding 001 is a course for people who want to start something that’ll endure the test of time as well as for those who want to reinvent themselves and position themselves for the market shift in coming years.

Esua Kaiso Eddy

If you have any challenge concerning your Personal or Corporate Brand, then Clarylife is the best Institution for you. They give you the best you can ever get. Excellent delivery!

Kingdom Okene

Frequently Asked Questions

Some misconceptions people often have about the concept of branding.

Is branding the same thing as faking things for people to see and buy?

Branding is not faking things. Branding is you establishing a predefined perception and reputation of yourself in the minds of people. And every now and then, the reputation will be tested. And each time people’s experience falls short of the perception you’re creating, your brand receives a bullet

Is getting flashy designs to entice & impress people not branding?

Branding is not the same as design. Branding is a leadership effort to communicate an impression of yourself and bring people into an experience of who you are. Design is only one of the many means of achieving that.

Is branding not a waste of time & resources? Can’t I just start selling?

Of course, you can just start selling whatever it is you do. But you cannot be more profitable than how you brand yourself. Anyone can have something to sell, but when it comes to surviving competitions in the market & scaling up your business, branding is a necessity.

What return on investment is there in having a good brand?

Having a good brand keeps you 10 steps ahead of your competition every time. It helps you to place a premium on your products & services. Your brand can never be under lock-down because it’s the goodwill, reputation & loyalty you have in the minds of people, wherever they are. When you have a brand, you won’t just have customers, but a tribe of evangelists for your products & services

Build a legacy around your brand that goes beyond mere products & services

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