Content marketing tips to grow your sales as a start-up brand.

One interesting thing about brand building is that all the factors involved are not some kind of rocket-science jargon. They are actually things we can relate with and see in our day-to-day life. From the way we smile to people, to the football clubs we love, trends and happenings around town, and even the ideals or values we hold in high esteem. All of these are tools in the hand of a content marketer.

What is content marketing?

In simple terms, it’s an act of selling your brand without necessarily telling people to come buy something. It’s the art of selling without selling. You’re not promoting a product or service, but you’re creating likeability, trust and interest. As a matter of fact, no one wants to be sold to, but everyone wants to be entertained, educated or given some kind of relief. Having this kind of fore-taste from you is what makes them want to buy. So, content marketing is just like creating a BUZZ around your brand.

Just few months ago, Airtel Nigeria brought out the video advert of a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law with a storyline depicting how data can make family (or kitchen) management for busy (career) wives or moms. We all know what it means to be a busy wife and we know what it means to have a well-managed kitchen when running a tight office schedule. It’s what everyone can relate with.
I was in the bank one morning and everyone in there was waiting for the officials to start attending to us. While in the midst of that desperation to be attended to, Airtel started with their advert. Everyone around where I was seated was glued to the TV screen all the while the advert played. What happened there? They caught the attention of everyone simply because they are telling a story we all can relate with.

Super Easy Content Marketing Strategies for Start-up Brands

Tell a story around what you sell

Stories are powerful and are still the best way to shape perception, win the hearts of men and drive home powerful points in your favour. Stories create emotional and mental pictures of whatever value you’re offering. And the truth is, a picture is always worth a thousand words. A fashion designer who shares stories around the people getting goodwill, respect and dignity simply because of how they are dressed, is already creating a need for such experiences in the hearts of her potential customers.

Leverage on trends

This is a brand leveraging on the trend of Easter to push their brand. It may look funny and stupid, but they have achieved something – they have solidified the memory of their brand more into the hearts of their audience.

This may not make someone to buy Bigi immediately, but it will make someone to remember Bigi whenever there is a need for a sausage roll.

Educate people in the area of your products & services

Whoever takes the position of the teacher is always assumed to know the subject best. Educating people around the line of what you do always puts you in the position of authority in the hearts of people following you. Whenever there is a need around that thing, they will always remember the person who has been sharing loads of value in it. It makes you the go-to person as far as that area of expertise or experience is concerned.

Leverage on the testimonials of those you have served

This is a sure-fire method of winning new clients. Results don’t lie. When people happily share good news about how you served them well, others will have reasons to trust you more. Testimonials and reviews still have the fastest spread.

Discuss the problems people face around your area of expertise

When you learn to discuss general issues and make it the very first captions in your content marketing, you automatically attract those who are having the exact challenges. When I see a problem I’m going through being discussed, I immediately develop interest because that’s a pain point. It makes the offer that comes after, a need-to-have and not just a nice-to-have.

Be consistent in all of your strategies

You don’t build a brand by showing up just every once in while. Consistency is the key when it comes to content marketing. The aim is that you’re too much in the face of the people to be forgotten. And whenever there is a need around what you offer, you want to be the very first person that comes to mind.

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