Agricmania is an agricultural start-up invested in proffering solutions to the agricultural sector in Nigeria. They offer free advertising for farmers on their website and social media pages. Agricmania also offers referrals and consultancy services to farmers and intending farmers while they run a blog and a forum where educative materials are shared and important topics discussed. Their goal is to ensure that farmers have the right resources and network needed for the growth of the agribusiness.

Agricmania Logo Design ideation was hinged on the three major keywords which served as the core of their existence and business operations. The colours were carefully chosen to depict nature (agriculture) in the place of green, and incurable passion (excitement) in the place of yellow. The circles were intricately woven together to depict arable farmlands (network) with a rich top soil (resources) to facilitate growth (foliage leaves). Circle was used as the logo shape to talk about an infinite system of support and growth. The shape is thought to have a feminine association and is connected to love, energy and power.

A logo design should tell a story that matters most to the organization that owns it. And what makes a logo effective is that it communicates the essence (reason for existence) of the business it is proposed for.

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