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Where Are You Headed

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Where Are You Headed

A gift to your future!

Life is to be lived forwards, but the meaning of life is mostly found backwards. Until this meaning of life is found, the essence of living remains vague. Man would wake up in the morning without a clear sense of what to pursue and sleep at night without the feeling of being valuable. 

Have you ever been confused about any of these things mentioned in the subtitle of this book? Perhaps, you’re currently in school and you’re totally at a loss of what to do with your life after school. Maybe you’re already out of school and you really do not know what next. This book is for you. 

It has been written for those young folks who are finding it difficult to find their feet in the ocean of life. If you find yourself in any of these categories, get this book!

Major Highlights

  • Childhood Passions & How To Harness Them
  • Catching A Vision & Nurturing It
  • Finding A Purpose In Your Passion
  • Talent Discovery, Development & Monetization
  • Handling Multiple Talent Issues
  • Relationship Between Career & Purpose
  • Purpose of Education
  • Importance of Core Values

Readers say

At first, on seeing the number of pages, I wondered why it was sold for such an amount, but as I read on, I noticed I nearly highlighted every page and couldn’t stop till I got to the end.

Justin C.

The author is a clarity coach and brand strategist par excellence and this masterpiece is nothing short of it. Are you still confused about your personal brand and life mission? Get this book!

Gbemisola T.

Author spotlight

Your potential is that thing you can do which you’ve not done and that person you can become which you haven’t become yet. Education is what stretches your capacity to reach that potential.

The hallmark of education is to have a mind that can think and the purpose of schooling is to help you reach that hallmark.

Simeon Taiwo

About the Author

Simeon Taiwo is the founder and lead coach of Clarylife Global. He is a clarity coach, brand strategist and brand developer. He has so much passion for youth development, capacity building and information technology. 

He is the convener of Brilliant And Talented Summit in the city of Port Harcourt and as a seasoned educationist, he has made so much mark in helping students create a balance between being academically sound and societally relevant via the use of their talents. 

Simeon is happily married to Abisola Simeon and also serves as a youth leader in Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Youth Church, Port Harcourt.

All else fails when your mind fails

If you mind says “NO,” nothing else can say “YES”. In this book, you’ll learn how your mind works, what we call the habits of the mind and how they affect your daily output. You will also learn how to conceive, birth and nurture great realities into your life.

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