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Secrets of Optimum Learners

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Secrets of Optimum Learners

You call yourself a student? let's talk!

Life is evolving at a pace that is faster than your curriculum can catch up with. As a student faced with numerous lectures, notes, textbooks, practical manuals, other photocopied materials and very importantly, a life outside school which also demands your maximum attention, how can you survive all of these and still stand tall academically? It’s by being an optimum learner.

An optimum learner is that person who has developed mechanisms for facing new challenges, adapting to new conditions and learning his way through unusual circumstances. In a nutshell, an optimum learner is that person who is flexible enough to learn and adjust to new things.

The future of our nation solely depends on this category of people. They are the ones that will chart the course into the unknown future, blaze the trail into unknown territories and innovate the way into mind-blowing grounds. I call them the legends of the future. Get this book to know how to be one!

Major Highlights

  • Curiousity & Critical Thinking
  • Handling Reading Stress
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Handling Poor Academic Foundation
  • Dealing With Bulky Books
  • Managing Concentration Span
  • SQ3R Study System
  • Studying Without Book

Readers say

I’ve greatly benefited from Simeon Taiwo in many ways. Following his coaching has yielded so much fruits in my academic life to the extent that I had to start sharing your lessons with my colleagues.

Tochukwu Basil

Simeon Taiwo is a brilliant life coach and I’m privileged to have grown through his platform. His insights and approach on academics are novel. His platform, Brilliant & Talented is a proof!

Timipre George

Author spotlight

What makes you a very good student is not the beautiful grades or powerful scores you’re having. What makes you a good student is your ability and flexibility to learn new things that you never knew – even the challenging ones. Learning is a skill and can be learnt. As a matter of fact, this is the only skill that remains relevant outside school. Because regardless what you’ve learnt in school, outside those walls are many more things to learn if at all you must be successful.

Simeon Taiwo

About the Author

Simeon Taiwo is the founder and lead coach of Clarylife Global. He is a clarity coach, brand strategist and brand developer. He has so much passion for youth development, capacity building and information technology. 

He is the convener of Brilliant And Talented Summit in the city of Port Harcourt and as a seasoned educationist, he has made so much mark in helping students create a balance between being academically sound and societally relevant via the use of their talents. 

Simeon is happily married to Abisola Simeon and also serves as a youth leader in Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Youth Church, Port Harcourt.

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