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Brilliant And Talented

Uncover your brilliance & learn skills to overcome any kind of academic challenges.

The art of learning

Schools teach you what to learn, but we teach you how to learn. Learning is a skill and can be improved upon. You are only as brilliant as your learning ability can carry you. Have you ever thought you are dull or certain subjects are too difficult for you to master? It’s our pleasure to prove you wrong.

The balanced education

We are not only interested in you getting the best of grades in class, but also interested in you being able to uncover your talents and turn them into formidable skills while as a student. Our burden is that you do well academically and at the same time, build relevance in the society, hence the term, Brilliant & Talented. Join our Facebook group where we raise academically sound and societally relevant young folks.

Brilliant & Talented is a signature programme of Clarylife Global in which we train students on practical learning skills that will help them overcome any kind of academic challenges, as well as strategies to balance academic workload with other areas of self-development.

The video is from the last Brilliant and Talented 3.0 edition.

Powerful secrets of optimum learners and academic high flyers

Are you passing through some tough academic challenges? You read a lot, but find it very difficult to make good grades? You always feel so lost in class and among your peers? This book will show you secrets of moving from being an academically challenged student to being a high flyer.


  • Emotional intelligence mastery for students
  • Classroom secrets for enhanced learning
  • Effective study skills & reading habits
  • Examination approach for optimal results
  • Effective & flexible study time-table

Enough of having highly equipped teachers, pouring our their best to helpless students who seriously know nothing about what effective learning is. Let’s help you train your students to become academic high-flyers.