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Brand Consultancy

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With years of experience in the area of brand development, career building, talent monetization, organizational leadership & brand strategy, we have been able to help hundreds of young entrepreneurs to gain clarity of their professional/business brand, scale up their business ventures and grow profitability in their respective industries. 

Brand Consultancy is not just a luxury only meant for big businesses. As a start-up who seek to make the best of the minimal budget and resources you have while bootstrapping your brand from scratch, you save a lot of money by engaging a brand consultancy service. If you must learn all the ropes by experience, you end up losing so much more than it would have costed you if you took brand consultancy seriously.

Having worked with more than 80 brands within & outside Nigeria in developing their brand communication strategy – visually and verbally, we have been able to highlight series of issues businesses have when it comes to market penetration, corporate culture, brand consistency & alignment

Are you currently going through a tough time with your brand? Just 30 minutes with our lead coach is that TURNING POINT YOU NEED! Simeon Taiwo, Lead Coach, Clarylife Global

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Personal Branding For INDUSTRY EXPERTS, THOUGHT LEADERS & YOUNG professionals

This is a coaching session for experts, professionals & thought leaders who are seeking to build a successful brand with real influence, digital presence and maximum profitability.

It’s a 30-Day coaching programme that is conducted via E-mails, audio lessons and one-on-one chat on Whatsapp. It is a programme that is full of practical lessons, exercises and real-time progress tracking.


The objective of this programme is to help you play bigger in your industry. Key areas treated in this programme include:

  • Brand Clarity & Profiling
  • Digital Blueprint Auditing
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Thought Leadership
  • Content Marketing

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Areas of Specialization

Career Profiling

This is for young and upcoming professionals who are seeking to gain clarity on what career path they would fit in the best.

Brand Structure

This is for entrepreneurs who seek to build a structure & reputation around their products & services in the market.

Corporate Brand Audit

This is for small & medium-sized businesses who have in operation, but currently experience a plateau in their business growth.


Events & Corporate Training


Simeon is a seasoned conference speaker with more than 5 years as a public speaker in the area of self-leadership, personal development, academic excellence, career development and brand strategy. As a consultant, he has developed several solutions for several SMEs in the area of brand strategy & design systems.

Books by Simeon

We have published three powerful books with impressive and mind-blowing testimonials. These books are birthed from the several questions we have had to answer over and over again, among people who fall within the category of the target audiences.

And since the release of these books, we have been able to help far more people than we can possibly reach physically. You can see more about each book by following the links under them.

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All else fails when your mind fails

If you mind says “NO,” nothing else can say “YES”. In this book, you’ll learn how your mind works, what we call the habits of the mind and how they affect your daily output. You will also learn how to conceive, birth and nurture great realities into your life.


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