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Leveraging people's selfishness in negotiations
Branding & Influence

Leveraging People’s Selfishness in Negotiations

Leveraging People’s Selfishness in Negotiations – Everyone has got personal needs & interests. If you must win them over, you must approach them from that angle. No one cares what a hero you are until they see how it adds value to them.

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Daily habit of successful people
Branding & Influence

Common habits of successful people

There is a habit of the mind that great men employ daily to bring about repeated success in their lives. The only sad thing is, no one was born with this habit; however, it can be learnt and nurtured.

This matter is important because, there was never a successful man who does not have this habit.

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10 Unasked Questions that Make Businesses Fail
Branding & Influence

10 Unasked Questions that Make Businesses Fail

10 Unasked Questions that Make Businesses Fail – Asking necessary questions before jumping into business only helps to save you a lot of wasted money & time. Not asking some of these questions is what brings about lots of struggle and unproductive marketing efforts.

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All else fails when your mind fails

If you mind says “NO,” nothing else can say “YES”. In this book, you’ll learn how your mind works, what we call the habits of the mind and how they affect your daily output. You will also learn how to conceive, birth and nurture great realities into your life.

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