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Your money is in people’s pockets

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Your money is in people’s pockets


Ever since the beginning of life, the survival of men (and even every other living thing) has always been hinged on the exchange of something for something. Plants continue to exist because there is Carbon dioxide coming from animals and animals also continue to exist because there is Oxygen coming from plants.

Now, this post is about money and not oxygen. Cash is what you need to buy stuff and meet needs around you, not oxygen. Right? You need cash to pay bills and ensure there is food on the table for the oxygen to work on because, even the oxygen will do you no good if there is no food for it to act on.

So, how do you get MONEY?

Back to the title – your money is in people’s pockets.

Really? So, why can’t I just go collect it from there?

Wait a minute! It must be with their consent or else, the outcome may be funny!

Now, here’s the crux of the issue!

What do you do to make people release the money in their pockets into your hands?

Answer: Make your life all about what they are looking for!

Just take some time to go to the market around your area and see how people are voluntarily giving those traders their money. They go there with bundles of money and empty it all there. What about that restaurant at the other street? Have you seen how people troop in everyday to just give them money anyhow?

Wait a minute? That’s not charity! Or is it?

They are giving them their money in exchange for something they really need.

What is that thing people are looking for that you can devote your life to providing?

If you can answer that question, you’ve gotten their money!

It could be a service or a product, but it must, first of all, be what people are looking for.

So, how do you know if people are looking for something?

Go around, visit places, surf the internet and use social media platforms to see the issues people are complaining about. It may even be via the news or publications. There are too many problems in the world and in them lies the prosperity of man. The bigger the problem you solve (or the more people you solve a particular problem for), the richer you become.

You can be in a place and see that people often travel some kilometers away to get a particular item they need daily or weekly. That can be a problem for you to solve. You may observe how people struggle around you to do a particular thing and then, you find out ways to make that process a very easy one. You’ve got their money.

In the digital age that we’re in now, it has even become easier to get the money in people’s pockets. Everyday, millions of people across the world are looking for how to do something, stop something, repair something, etc., on Google and social platforms. What about you positioning yourself to be the one who answers their questions. Can you imagine how much you can make from that alone?


Your money is in people’s pockets, but until you devote and position yourself to helping them find what they are direly looking for, that money ain’t coming into your hands. Now, do you need help with packaging something you do so well or know so well or positioning yourself to meet a need for a large audience of people? You’ve just met the right person to help you through it. Let us have a chat!

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