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Inside what you have is what you need

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Inside what you have is what you need


Everything you currently need is right inside everything you already have at your disposal. However, those things you have at your disposal are seeds containing the things you need. And until you plant the seeds, the fruits won’t come. Even if you pray from today till tomorrow for a blessing, the truth remains, “God does not give trees. He only gives seeds.” But when you have a seed in your hands and you love it too much to plant it, you can’t be expecting a tree. No one does that!

Common issues people have!

You have a phone in your hand, data in your SIM and time at your disposal, but instead of you to start learning that stuff, you prefer the fun and pleasure of playing game and chatting with friends. That phone is a tool in your hands and can be of far more productive use. Inside what you have is what you need.

There is a sum of money in your bank account and you’ve been hearing of a paid class, an investment opportunity, and all of that, but you prefer to feel safe than to take that money out to cast it upon the waters.

You have a passion/ a dream/ a vision, but no money yet. And here is a job opening or a side hustle that you should be doing pending the time the money will be available to fund your dream. You have refused to do them and you keep looking for who to fund your vision for you.

Never dream of greatness without first counting its cost.

Nothing comes for free in this life! Every new level, new opportunity, new height or whatever new you are looking for will always cost you the old. You can never become the new you when the old you is still too precious for you to lose.

The new “YOU” you have been envisaging is an avid reader, a fearless and diligent investor of his time, energy and resources, a ruthless executioner, a passionate dreamer, a bold visionary and a friend of ‘change’. The old you is probably the exact opposite, but you prefer to just stay safe and keep being who you used to be. You don’t want anything that will demand too much of your comfort. You just want to be.

The truth is, you don’t have any external problem. You are the problem. And until you begin to see things from this light, you will see no growth in your life. Ageing is natural, but growth is intentional and costly. It comes with a cost. You don’t just grow by loving the new person you seek to become. You grow by hating the old person you have always been. Until you do away with the old, don’t expect the new.

As a clarity coach, I am so passionate about seeing you become that great person you’ve always dreamed of becoming. And it’s my burden to be of value to you in that journey. Would you love me to coach you on this journey? You can always reach out to me via mail.

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    It’s a privilege know this community, it’s amazing.

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