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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.



There are four factors that determine profitability for every human being. These factors always determine your class and how you will be rated in life. Coming across them while skimming through a book this morning, reminded me of how I transited to the level I currently operate in, just this year.

What are these four factors?

1) What you do

The kind of service you render is a factor that determines how profitable you can ever be. Excellence is great, but knowing the market value of what you’re excellent at is also very important. With the way the world is moving, not every skill is valuable. It’s a painful fact, but when embraced, the freedom is limitless.

I just wondered what would have happened to David if he continued using slings and stones to fight every battle after defeating Goliath. The wise guy, after that day, had to go and learn how to use that same amour he couldn’t use the other day. He was wise enough to understand that God does not repeat a miracle; rather, He creates a system to sustain it.

2) Where you do what you do

Location is another factor you always need to bring into your equation of profitability. Value of things vary with locations. Building a block industry in an already developed area can never be as profitable as building it in a developing area where people are still building houses. Selling Christian books around a church and selling the same thing where muslims are localized can never yield the same result. You need to know where what you have will be valued.

3) When you do what you do

Timing is as important as the first two. Just yesterday, the story of the new Innoson Motors logo hit the internet. I kept asking myself, “maybe the company already had a plan of sourcing for a new logo at that period or maybe they had already contracted the work to someone who was yet to deliver, or something! And here comes this guy who just spotted a gap from afar and decided to hit the iron when it was still red hot.”

Perhaps, if he brought out that logo in November, he would have been too late . I’m very sure it was like a window period with a very short span. Or maybe, he wasn’t even the only person who thought of that. Who knows if some other designers are still busy trying to perfect their idea and BOOM, here comes his own, already approved!

You see, certain opportunities are meant for a season! Miss that season and the opportunity is gone for good. You can only wait and be more sensitive for another.

4) For whom you do what you do

Do you know that you just need one multi-millionaire to love what you do and publicly applaud your work and that can be the open door your life needs? Just being able to serve one influential or wealthy person so well with your skill may be the single access you will have to his/her circles. And before you know what’s happening, the spotlight is on you and your game will just change overnight.

In Conclusion…

Now, these are variable factors and as you journey along your path of purpose, they will always play out. But in all, I want you to remember that there are three constants: A SENSE OF PURPOSE, CHARACTER and COMPETENCE. None of these variable factors can favour a man without any of these three constants.

So, what’s the take home? Keep working on yourself in terms of nursing stronger sense of purpose, developing your character and your competence. And alongside, you always need to be sensitive to those variable factors I mentioned so that you can always key into them.

I remain your clarity coach and your clarity remains my priority.

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