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Win your client over in the first sales meeting

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Win your client over in the first sales meeting


Over the years, I have learnt something in my sales meeting both virtually and physically. I’ve come to see what makes clients find it difficult to make purchase decisions after sales pitch and why they always have questions upon questions. To win your client over in the first sales meeting is not so difficult, but quite technical. And when you understand some of these techniques, you become a master at winning sales.

I have seen the power of listening to my clients deeply, asking targeted and thoughtful questions to get an aerial view of the project at hand and then, helping the client to summarize the whole problem and the solution he/she is direly looking for.

This is, of course, more of a coaching approach than a selling approach. But it works like magic. I have seen clients feel so emotionally drawn and vulnerable just by feeling perfectly understood. Truth is, I don’t think anything still beats this feeling.

It is after achieving this emotional climax that you are safe to start calling your price and still maintain your stand. A lot of people get terribly priced down because the client is still skeptical and just trying to see if you’re really worth that price you’re calling.

Why people often price you down

You can never sell higher when all you talk about and confront the client with is price and past works. No one cares how good you are until they see how good you care and understand them first.

No one pays you for the stress or time to spend in working for them. They only pay for the emotional/functional value derived from the work.

SImeon taiwo

Now, this is not to say you shouldn’t flaunt your expertise and make them know you’re the real deal. Of course, you must do that, but how you do it is what matters.

Show that you’re really an expert by leaving your past victories and entering straight into the new battle your client wants to win. They have seen your past victories and that’s why they came. Right?

Now that they have called for a meeting, put the past victories aside. Get to know the current battle at hand and use your experience of the battles you’ve been fighting so far to unravel the new one your potential client is bringing. That is how you flaunt expertise to win your client over in the first sales meeting.

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