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Brand Positioning For Industry Entrants

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Brand Positioning For Industry Entrants


Getting to a point in your business venture or whatever social activity you do, where you are widely known and respected for something is not a very easy task. No industry gives an entrant free attention on a platter of gold. You have to earn it through deliberate and consistent Brand Positioning and this can be real work. A lot of times, brand positioning for industry entrants can feel so much like a roller coaster. But this post is about to help you change that narrative.

Like my friend, Justin Tochukwu who is a professional brand strategist would call it, your brand is a space you own in the mind of the people or the adjectives they attach your name to. Right? Now, you need to know that owning that space is never a day’s job.

It goes beyond just the adverts and claims. It’s more about the results and the practical experiences of each singular person who comes around or patronizes your stuff.

Marketing does not earn you a brand positioning

This is where a lot of people miss it. Marketing will not give you a brand positioning. Marketing may bring the customers (early buyers) right here and now, but branding is what ensures they come again. That is why branding is long term and yields long term results.

Before entering the market, there are probably those who have been known and trusted already. They seem to be like the owners of the market while you are the vibrant newcomer trying to show your face.

You need to understand that showing face is not what gives you a reputation. That’s just marketing. Of course, it will bring early buyers who are your seed audience. They are like the gentiles that come to your light. Now, from the showcase of your recent jobs and the things people say about you, some classes of men are watching from afar and forming opinions about you – whether you fit into their class or not.

It’s the brightness (excellence) with which you serve those early buyers that will attract this class of men. The bible calls them kings. The kings only come to the brightness of your rising. These are never the early buyers. They come by virtue of referral, observed consistency (both in what you do and in the quality you consistently maintain). They must have first been observing from afar before they start to come like Queen of Sheba to the palace of Solomon. These kings are those who have heard a lot and after a while, they want to give you a trial.

So, what are the things you need to do to ensure this brand positioning that gravitate kings to your direction?

👉 Intentionally place more emphasis on quality over income flow in order to build a reputation with your customers/clients such that they trust you for a number of qualities and values. It is the reputation you build today that will ensure the income keeps flowing tomorrow. By every means possible, regardless of how busy you are, always seek to improve on what you do and how your customers/clients feel about it.

👉 Maintain a visual and verbal consistency with your adverts and social media presence. It’s good business to always seek to add class and style to what you do. A lot of the people who spend so much for the kind of thing you do are actually buying prestige and class, not necessarily the main service/product itself.

👉 Regularly build goodwill and likability through collaboration and partnership with some noble causes in your environment where you operate.

👉 Seek to uphold a noble corporate culture among your team and members of staff so that whoever encounters anyone bearing the name of your brand sees an embodiment of notable values and qualities.

Achieving any of these may not come very easy and can require real work, grit, commitment and leadership prowess, but in the end, they are the best investments you will ever make with your brand.

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