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Don’t leave your audience to guess

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Don’t leave your audience to guess


“Your assumption that people know what you can offer is actually the reduction of your value before them. Don’t leave your audience to guess the value you carry.”

– Simeon Taiwo

Hello friend, I’m heartily welcoming you into the month of July. I must tell you I’m very happy we’re seeing it together. And trust me, I prayed for you already that all things will work fine for you this month. I want to share something with you that will keep you forever in relevance. And it’s just a warning – Don’t leave your audience to guess…

Just a quick one!

I’ve come to see that what makes some persons operate at some great levels in the society is not necessarily that they are better than others who are still far below. I’ve seen people who are not as renowned, but when it comes to content and wealth of insights, they are far better than some of their famous and more successful counterparts. But why?

It’s simple!

Don’t leave people to guess who you are and what you represent!

When you have so much value, but do not look for ways to make people know it, the answer is that you’re not valuable. It’s painful, but it’s true! No one can guess your value higher than you portray it.


  • Do people really know the problems you’re capable of solving and your level of competence at it?
  • Do people really know how many persons you have solved such problems for?
  • Are their testimonials to back up your claims of being able to solve those problems?
  • Do you have a place where people can see your works and know what you’re really worth?
  • Do you have well-defined product offers that people can understand and patronize?


Never assume people know all of these? To assume so is to also leave them to assume how much you’re worth. And that can never be to your favour!

Always define how you want people to see you. Showcase what you’ve got! Let us see it! We are only convinced when your value is visible and measurable. We need to know how and why it’s worth the amount of money you place on it.

I hope you’ll find an application of this lesson in your brand. I remain your clarity coach and your clarity remains my priority.

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