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Brand Perception & Product Pricing

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Brand Perception & Product Pricing


Have you ever considered a high-profile potential client probably doing a background check on you – Google search, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.? Right now, do you feel you have you built enough track records to persuade such a person? Before you can start getting the trust and confidence of people, Brand Perception & Product Pricing must align. As a matter of fact, your potential clients already have an estimate of how much you should be worth ever before getting to hear or see your price. How? That’s through the perception you’ve given them across your platforms/touch-points.

We all have a brand, but only few people closely monitor theirs to see what impression of value they are creating. If only the remaining masses know that people don’t buy what you call value; what they buy is the perception of it.

Simeon Taiwo

My personal work & experience

Currently as I share this, I’m profiting weekly through my well-structured digital brand. I pay close attention to what I look like on all my digital space. Why? I’m building my perception of value daily! In what area? Clarity coaching, brand development & corporate branding. Going through my digital footprints from web to social media accounts, you will verify that this has been one of my fortes (Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram)

On many occasions, I have received messages directly on LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram from potential clients requesting for my services and without meeting me in person, a lot of them have paid for me to serve them. Of course, I make sure I give them a smile at the end of the deal. But the thing is, they trusted me, a total stranger, with their cash simply because I have built an impression that commands the trust.

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