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How to develop the habit of excellence

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

How to develop the habit of excellence


One very interesting thing I love about life is that it has a system of helping anyone grow from point ZERO to point HERO in anything at all. That is why I always say that every expert has a past and every rookie has a future. I’ve been in the digital space for a very few years now and I can remember how I started. I started as a terrible rookie even though I have always loved to be excellent at what I do. However, since I knew how to develop the habit of excellence, I soon started to find my way into it.

I sought for works that displayed high degrees of excellence. I always drew inspiration from them and I always asked a question, “How do I get to this level of thinking that will produce this kind of masterpieces?”. It took me a while before I began to understand the ropes, trade secrets and pyschology behind the great designs & strategies that used to keep me spellbound, but I finally landed on them.


I wasn’t after money as much as I was after being able to produce something of global standards. And as I am talking to you now, my standards of measuring myself is very high. That is why I keep evolving at a fast pace. Money is not the first thing. What I always want to have is that thing that magnetizes money – excellence.

It pains me so much that these days, people have settled for mediocrity just to be able to pay bills and make ends meet. “So far it’s bringing some cash here and there, abeg let me just be doing my thing jare.” What a shame and a pity?

Excellence is not a skill, but a habit and it’s painful that only a very few people have it. This is the reason a lot of people find it difficult in this age to turn their talents into wealth and relevance. You hear people say, “abeg go get better job o…who talent epp?”

The mediocrity mindset

You know why people say this? Each day, the bars are being raised and the standards are getting very high. Whatever field you want to venture into, there are high standards for global performance. People are too scared to give it what it takes. The time, energy, resources and comfort to sacrifice is too much for them to handle. As a matter of fact, they don’t see themselves as a profitable venture to invest such into. It’s all about your mindset. Until you can place a bet on your life and begin to see it worthy of your all, YOU CAN’T get the best out of it.

What are those things that make up the habit of excellence?

1) Attention to details.

How attentive are you to the details of your life i.e. how you spend your time, your attention, your energy and resources? Do you always allow things to slip by without your control? This is a habit and it will reflect in whatever skill you have. Summarily, how you do one thing is always how you’ll do everything.

2) Attention to standards.

For every human endeavour under the sun, there are global standards that men have set and even raised. How attentive are you to them, in your own field? Are you even aware of how people do what you are going at the global level? If I ask you, who are the top three people in your field in Nigeria and what are the latest things they are doing, can you give an answer?

3) Self-appraisal and self-awareness

The best thing a man can always do for himself is to assess himself. If you don’t know your level, you can’t possibly take any productive steps to grow from it. Growth always starts when you can come to terms with your current state. Self awareness is important. This is the theory of meta-cognition. He that knows that he doesn’t know is far wiser than he that doesn’t even know that he doesn’t know.


This is how to develop the habit of excellence. I grow daily because I am always aware of the areas I am lagging behind. Are you aware of yours? Do you face your ignorance and seek possible ways to deal with them or you are blind to them? Excellence is not a skill. You may currently not be as good as Mr. A or Miss B, but when you have the habit, your growth will daze all.

I remain your clarity coach and your clarity remains my priority.

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