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Why your note looks strange to you when reading

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Why your note looks strange to you when reading


I’m sure this is what a lot of students can relate to. On many occasions, we have picked up our notes to read and they were just looking as if we didn’t write them with our hands. In this post, I will be sharing with you, two reasons, why your note looks strange to you when reading.

I’ve been there and I learned long ago, how to avoid such! There is something a lot of students do very wrongly. When a lecturer is in class, they think they are taking note just by writing down on paper. They get so engrossed in trying to get everything the lecturer is saying, but in their minds, they’re not trying to reason along with the lecturer.

The first reason: lack of classroom engagement

When students like this get home, they pick the same notes they have made and everything looks strange. They were just copying notes. They didn’t take note. To take note, you use your mind. To copy note, you use your pen. Being mentally and actively engaged in class is inevitable if you must get the best of it.

When in class, one of the best classroom practices every student should endeavour to learn is not bothering about writing everything the lecturer is saying. Not everything is important for the note, but everything is important for the comprehension of the few written down.

Active listening while in class to get all the stories, case studies, digressions and points of emphasis, etc., are very vital for you comprehension. And immediately there is a cut in flow or gap in comprehension, you can easily notice it and ask questions. But when you’re just busy trying to get everything down on paper, by the time it remains only you and the paper, the paper won’t explain what you missed. You would have gotten that in class, real-time.

Second reason: lack of prompt revision

Another mistake students make is that, after taking the notes down, they allow days to pass before opening it again to revise. The earlier you open a recent note, the deeper you understand it. When you allow more than 30 hours to slip by before opening a recent class note, you make it difficult for yourself to comprehend and retain the information. And this is not so difficult to do. You can bring out your notes in transit, while in a taxi and revise. It’s never about how long. That 15 minutes inside a taxi can be useful in covering a few notes.

In Conclusion…

When students learn to be prompt in handling class notes in the midst of tight schedules, they will have less troubles preparing for examinations. Do you need help with some other academic challenges or you’ve got a school you run and you would love to have your students being taught how to be better learners? You can reach me via mail

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