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Simple steps to build an effective sales funnel

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Simple steps to build an effective sales funnel


Is it really possible to make money online? Are people really paying for services and goods over social media from people they have not even met physically? How is trust and reputation built on a virtual platform? All of these questions can only be answered when you understand the principle and workings of a sales funnel. This is actually why I want to break down the simple steps to build an effective sales funnel.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a step-by-step strategy designed to bring your target audience from the stage of coming across you for the first time into the stage of making a purchase decision from you. It’s a strategic plan on how to get to the front of people who need what you do, get interested in what you do, trust you for your expertise on it and feel safe to buy from you. This is the secret behind making sales on the digital space.

What are the important stages of a sales funnel?

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

People get to see what you do in this section. It may be via your social media channels, website. Or if yours is a physical outlet, people who walk past your business environment or see your signboard get to know what you do. It could also be via your paid marketing on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Your interest, at this level, should be to be at the right place, create the right “first impression” and use the right hook to draw men to yourself. Creating offers that attract people is one of the best ways to get it right at this level.

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

People get attracted and impressed with what you do, who you are and the claims you make, just at this stage. If you’re on LinkedIn, you’re most possibly going to attract professionals, experts, job seekers, corporate establishments, etc. No one will be attracted to you if what you’re offering is not what people in those categories are looking for. So, it’s not just enough to create awareness and share your value proposition. You must ensure you’re doing it in the right place.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

People don’t just get to start believing in you because they got attracted. They watch out for your consistency in giving value and in the image you’re portraying. It’s also of great importance that they see how passionate and concerned you are, about the problem you claim to be able to solve. This can be achieved by how you share valuable information, tips, nuggets, stories, etc., around that problem and how to get out of it.

For instance, are you a fashion designer? People want to see pictures of works you have done, latest trends around fashion, tips on dressing and appearance, information on wears, stuff that engage, inform, entertain them when it comes to your line.

Product Distribution

Product Distribution

With all the things you have been sharing above, by now, they must have started to see you as a real PRO, a go-to expert. They must have seen you as someone who knows his/her onions and has something to offer. The people have read your posts, watched your videos and gain value from you many times. They really want to buy from you at this time.


The next thing they want to do after your product distribution is BUY from you. They want to appreciate you for the value you have been giving them all the while. They buy from you exactly because of this reason. People often weigh your credibility through the weight of value you have given them and the consistency in giving value. They have probably seen many others who do similar stuff to what you do. But looking at your style, consistency, load of value, etc., you surpass what they are familiar with.

These are the simple steps to build an effective sales funnel

Sales Funnel
Sales funnel


The sales funnel is what characterizes the brand journey of every brand, trying to build reputation and wealth using digital media. They understand that people have to be carried along on a journey. They first move from being a suspect to being a prospect and then, a customer. And with this knowledge, they design a sales funnel across their various platforms and in line with their various products and services.

Do you need a system to hook people from the crowd and turn them to buyers around your brand? You can reach me on Whatsapp.

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