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My Daily Personal Productivity Hacks

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

My Daily Personal Productivity Hacks


When it comes to achieving success in life, a lot of persons have got several opinions, but one thing that stands out is still on how we live our lives on daily basis. Each day one wakes up to see the brightness of life is another opportunity to either fail or succeed. The challenge most time is, we confine our definition of success to appearing in the limelight, having huge figures in the bank, being top-of-the-world in one’s career and all of those BIG stuff.

Truth is, no one can get there without having succeeded, but being there doesn’t mean one is still succeeding. A lot of persons have had all of that and lost it. What happened? Open question! Chances are, they failed to keep those virtues that got them there. I’ve come to define success as the state of being consistently productive in a well-defined direction. This typically paints the picture of a journey i.e. success is a journey. Success has never been a destination. The only thing that is a destination is FAILURE.

What are my daily productivity hacks that ensure my continuous success?

Focus & Priority

Priority is important in life. You can’t become successful without having priorities. Everything in life will always demand your attention, but success in life is in your ability to say “NO” a lot of times. I will be sharing what I do daily in accordance to priority.

Prayer & Study of God’s word

This is one powerful secret of my life. My faith in God is tied to it. I don’t wake up to do anything without first of all, acknowledging my creator and learning from him. He opens my day and the first fruit of it belongs to him.

I think of how to be of value to my family

As a husband and soon-to-be father, I’ve got a principal responsibility to my family. I think of how to show my love to my wife, invest in the emotional bank, help her ease her burden and be an inspiration to her.

I think of how to add value to my business relationships

My customers are my bosses. They are the ones who pay my salary. So, I think of the jobs I need to deliver, the customers I need to show some love, care and concern. If there are no clients’ job at hand, I work on my skills. Locating artworks that inspire me and I spending time analyzing them, is my hobby.

I think of how to add value to my larger audience

There are many platforms where I feed people daily with nuggets and information on how to be better in life, build better brands, become more profitable and grow their influence. I’m intentional about this, because as a return, it also helps me to build my reputation in my field and boosts my image in the minds of my followers.

I add to my knowledge base

I can’t do without reading. Picking a book to read is what I do by default immediately there is nothing for me to do. It could be on personal development, leadership, business, finance, self-help, relationship or parenting. These are topics I love so much and I always build myself in them.


I hardly visit friends. It’s not in me to always be on the move. I only visit friends when I see absolute necessity in it. And most times, it is always because there is something to exchange for the time spent. Spending time with people is what I do only when there is value to be exchanged.

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