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Leveraging People’s Selfishness in Negotiations

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Leveraging People’s Selfishness in Negotiations

Leveraging People's Selfishness in Negotiations

Here is a picture showing three beggars!

Looking closely at what is going on there, it seems one is having the favour of men more than the other two. What charm is he using? He knows the art of Leveraging on People’s Selfishness in Negotiations

It you look properly, you will notice the charm in RED circle. What’s that thing? A camera that’s watching who is doing what! What lesson can we learn from there? Nothing really goes for nothing. Behind every good thing anyone does, a good number of persons have personal interests. From the picture below, it’s obvious people want to be seen for what they give & they will only go to those who help them to be seen & acknowledged.

No one cares what you do. What they care about is what good it does for them!

This reminds me of a scientist who just came up with a scientific invention & met a statesman with it. After all the description of what the invention does and how it operates, the question asked by the statesman is, “what good is that to me?” The scientist immediately responded, “someday soon, you will be able to increase your tax rate because of this.” That was how he won the interest of the man. This is the art of leveraging people’s selfishness in negotiations

Life is balanced when we look out for one another’s selfishness and join them in the sale!

You see, in life, no one cares what a hero you are if they don’t see how it helps them solve their own problems. Learn how to leverage on people’s personal interest to advance your own cause! When submitting proposals to people, looking for great talents to join your team for a project or marketing something to someone, do you come from the angle of what’s most important to them? This is the secret of great leaders who win the support and loyalty of men around. They know how to communicate the ultimate desires of others and tie their offers to it.

Whatever business you’re building or cause you’re advancing, you need to leverage on people’s personal interest.

How do NGOs make their money? They look for those who are greatly interested in the cause they are fighting for. It could be a cause that will greatly promote the brands of those people. There must just be a personal interest. So, when you hear a particular company doing grants & philanthropy in high figures, don’t just think they recently gave their life to Christ. Something is behind what you can see.

In your business as well, are you really looking out for what people are crazy about? The level of personal interest people have around what you do will always determine your level of profitability. Until you are able to communicate that personal interest, they will keep overlooking you.


When you understand this, you will know how to network better and build stronger relationships on mutual value. Do you have a foundation, NGO or platform you’re building and you’re still struggling with getting the attention of people to buy or subscribe to what you’re offering? I can be of great help to you. REACH ME VIA WHATSAPP

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