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How to place a premium on your value

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

How to place a premium on your value


How you present your work before the people will always determine how much bargaining power you will have during negotiations.

No work is prestigious in itself. People are the ones who make theirs look prestigious or shabby. Until you begin to put a premium on yourself and that thing you do which brings food to the table and respect to your name, you will always play small. Do you want people to think of you twice? Place a premium on your appearance and a signature of excellence on your performance.

That’s It! Nothing beats this formula.

You are the one who will either elevate your perception in the hearts of men or rubbish the thought of you in their minds. It’s all in your POWER.

Steps to place a premium on your value

Upgrade your skill level

You can’t place a premium on trash. You’ve got to upgrade your skill and build up your expertise. When people see you operating at an increased level of expertise, they can’t price you low. Your skill level always determines your bargaining power.

Join communities where you can network profitably

Communities are where you get cheap visibility, exposure to industry standards, latest trends, enhanced support and objective criticism that will allow you to grow to become the best you can ever be. So, you need to locate communities where experts in your field often gather to discuss or showcase their crafts.

Invest in powerful visual communication of your value

Use professional pictures, high resolution images, HD videos, quality and appropriate mockups. If you’re a novice in the area of digital branding, get help. Don’t come off shabby before people. It’s toxic to your brand. People value you based on what they perceive. The world we live in now, is largely ruled by perception.

Locate and always communicate your difference

Never try to look like someone somewhere or copy what someone is doing. Always seek to appear unique and different. Put some elements of YOU into what you’re doing. No copy is valuable when the original is still in existence. Always avoid the temptation to be or sound like someone else.

Keep your eyes on trends, professional standards and benchmarks

You need to know what’s latest in your industry. No industry is static and customers are now very enlightened. They go on social media and they see new things. So, you need to always update yourself.


People are only loyal to those who show consistent excellence in what they do and how they go about doing it. Therefore, embrace excellence. Have a benchmark for your standards and be committed to it.

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