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Common habits of successful people

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Common habits of successful people


It’s one thing to have big dreams in life of you being successful and another thing for you to have the set of habits that make for it. Successful people have become so, simply because of certain habits they formed in their life. I call them the common habits of successful people. Why? No one has ever become successful who does not have these habits. And trust me, no one has ever nurtured this habit and failed.

So, what are these common habits of successful people? They are called the habits of the mind. Really? Just that? Wait a minute! Don’t just think you’ve gotten it.

What exactly are the habits of the mind?

There is never a time the mind is not thinking about something. As a matter of fact, that runs on autopilot. You don’t have to decide it. As you see things, hear things, remember things or feel things around you, the mind also wanders in their direction. And the more you allow it to wander without restrictions, the lower the chances of productivity in your life. Successful people know this truth. They know that their productivity on daily basis is 100% resting on their state of mind.

A lot of people find it difficult to follow through on a task (or goal) before jumping to another. It’s a habit of the mind. As they are doing one thing, they remember another thing that needs to be done. They drop the first one they were doing and move on to that other one. As they proceed on that, they remember another thing again. So, they keep jumping from one thing to another without results and that is how they spend their life.

How do we really define failures?

Failures are not people without dreams or goals, but those who hardly use the word, “done!” They always stop half-way. At the slightest obstruction or feelings of boredom, they chicken out of pursuing their dreams. This is what successful people don’t every try to do. As I am putting this article together now, I have many other things calling for my attention and each is trying to gain grounds in my heart. I’m also feeling tired and sleepy, but I’ve come this far to be able to control and own my thought.

How to gain mastery of these positive habits

Catch yourself thinking

Successful people know how to catch themselves thinking. They don’t allow thoughts to just come and occupy their hearts for long. They screen it well and if it doesn’t comply with their well-being, future aspirations and values, they discard it with immediate effect. Failures are those who allow just any kind of thought to stay. Their haphazard thinking always reflect in their haphazard lifestyle and daily routine.

Own your thoughts

There is so much power in focused thinking. Waking up in the morning everyday, I have tasks lined up for me. I know I can only achieve one at a time, so I prioritize and work accordingly. Now, that’s not what brings about productivity. What determines productivity is the ability to govern one’s thought to align with each task as it’s being carried out. For instance, there is no way I can make any sense in what I’m writing now if while I’m writing, all I’m thinking about is my tiredness. What’s making me to write logically and coherently is that I conditioned myself to only think in this direction for now.


The default habit of the mind is to wander in any direction that appeals to it per time. This is why success is hard work. You cannot succeed until you have been able to overcome that natural tendency of the mind. When you begin to practice this daily habit of successful people by catching yourself thinking and deliberately picking the right thoughts to dwell on, you have just unlocked your greatness forever.

Common habits of successful people

This is a powerful book I just put together to help you develop positive mental habits. The mind is a powerful tool, but only serves those who have taken the time and effort to nurture it. In this book, you will learn how to conceive, birth and nurture greatness on a daily basis. DOWNLOAD NOW!

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