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5 Steps To Building A Formidable Brand

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

5 Steps To Building A Formidable Brand


Every successful brand is built, one person at a time. With each interaction you have with people either physically or virtually through your digital platforms, your brand is built or destroyed. When seen from this atomic level of singular interactions and individual experiences of people who come across us, brand building won’t be as complex as a lot of us view it to be. There are just 5 steps to building a formidable brand i.e. five things you need to ensure happen each time one person happens to interact with you physically or virtually.

1. Create the right impression

The very first thing that happens when people come across a brand for the first time is suspicion. But when the right impression is being created, gradually, the suspicion is displaced by trust. We create them with the way we talk, the way we smile, the way we walk, the clothes we’re wearing, the people we are having rapport with and the kind of discussions we engage in. Also, we create impressions with the visual experience we give people who come across us. It could be digitally through our website, social media graphics, digital pictures, etc. The question is, are you conscious of the impressions you’re creating around yourself and your business?

2. Deliver the right promise

Silent promises are made when a slight impression is created. Why? People draw their expectations from you based on the impression you have given them. When you create an impression in my heart, it gives me some kind of expectations as to what you’re capable of doing, what you probably know, how much you probably have, the experiences you’ve probably had and all of that. If the impression created is exactly your intention, then it’s your responsibility for you to live true to that impression you’ve created. This is where brand authenticity comes to play.

3. Build the right relationship

One interesting thing about these 5 steps is that each one is a foundation for the next. A relationship is built and solidified when you create the right impression that draws men to you. And on getting closer, you validate that impression by delivering on what was suggested. After this has happened, the next thing is, there is now a room for deeper relationship. This is the real heart of brand building. It’s the most important of the 5 steps to building a formidable brand.

There is no brand without relationships. What you know is your content, but who knows you is your visibility. Don’t just stop at creating and validating impressions. Always try to build and invest in a relationship with each person you meet around your business. No one cares how much you know until they truly see how much you care.

4. Intentionally build your reputation

Just as I said that who knows you is your visibility, I need to also say that what those people who know you are saying about you matters a lot. It’s not just enough to have relationships and powerful network base. You also need to ensure their reports about you is plus or else, it will be a disaster. And trust me, word of mouth is the greatest brand builder or brand killer.

5. Win the loyalty of men

This happens almost naturally when you have succeeded in doing the previous 4. Have you created the right impression? Delivered on promise? Built the relationship? Grown your reputation? If you’ve done and you’re doing this consistently, forget about winning the loyalty of men. It will happen naturally. Each person you’ve achieved these highlights with, will automatically become your brand advocate and loyalist.

In conclusion…

Brand building is a leadership journey in patience and consistency. It’s not just a self-promotion campaign. Do you want to know how long it takes to build a brand using these steps? Visit a calendar. And do you want to know how long it takes to destroy a brand by ignoring these steps? Check a stopwatch.

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