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What is Simplicity in Branding?

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

What is Simplicity in Branding?


There are a lot of things that have to do with our day-to-day life which we also emphasize when talking about branding. One of those things is Simplicity. In life, simplicity is the hallmark of perfection. Someone has wisely said, “perfection is not, when there is nothing more to be added, but when there is nothing more to be removed.” This in itself, is the definition of simplicity. Simplicity finds its definition in any system or collection of items, where each item (or part) is playing a well-defined and relevant role. In other words, simplicity is when there is no ambiguity or redundancy. So, what is Simplicity in Branding.

We have often heard that simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. This is to say, it’s easier to make something complex than it is to make it simple. When people don’t need to guess or ask plenty questions before correctly identifying who you are, what you stand for, who you’re serving and what value you’re offering, then we can say, you’re really simple.

How do we achieve simplicity in branding?

Personal clarity

First of all, you need to understand who you are: what are your personality traits, what adjectives best describe you as a person, what are your vision and mission statements, what are your values in life, etc.? All of these need to be answered in clear terms.

Brand clarity

As a brand, you need to clearly define what your value proposition is. What exactly is the value you’re offering to the world? What’s the problem you’re solving? What solution are you bringing to the table? Who are you serving – the rich, the poor masses, the middle class, the professionals/experts, young boys and girls, seniors, etc.?

Verbal communication

Your brand story/message needs to be clear. How? There is a saying that posits, “never tell a story without making a point and never make a point without telling a story.” As a matter of fact, this summarizes everything anyone should know about brand verbal communication. There must be a story behind the value you claim to be giving. What experience inspired it? What victory have you won that puts you in the position to offer such a value? This should be clear across all your channels and platforms.

Visual communication

Starting first with the logo design which is the crux of this matter, what simplicity means is that every aspect of your logo is saying something vital. And then, looking at the entire logo, there must be congruence in what each aspect is saying i.e. everything should blend harmoniously. It doesn’t matter now, how many aspects the logo has. A simple logo is not known by how many parts it has, but by how many relevant parts it has. Simplicity does not mean “empty” and incomplete sense. There must be a complete sense.


When trying to achieve simplicity, especially in visual communication, two things are important: summary and focal point. Summary is that, you narrow down everything in your brief to just one or two most important aspects (or ideals). It’s the same way we summarize in English language. Focal point is that, those important aspects are brought to light such that they are the first to be noticed or observed. With these two techniques, you’ve made yourself a good brain when it comes to brand strategy and brand communication.

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