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What is a healthy self-esteem?

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

What is a healthy self-esteem?


A healthy self-esteem is a good knowledge and appreciation of who you are even when you haven’t been heard or seen. It’s an accurate evaluation of your abilities in the absence of a platform or an opportunity to express them. A healthy self-esteem is the ability to appreciate excellence in others without an iota of jealousy or inferiority. Ultimately, it is your ability to balance self-development with people development.

How does self-esteem affect people development?

As one grows in responsibility in life, the first stage is that you’re good at what you do and as a result, people begin to follow you because of your expertise, skill and professionalism. In other words, you become a leading engineer, doctor, sculptor, etc. After a while, persons who aspire to grow in that area of your expertise begin to look up to you and some may even want to attach themselves to you in order to learn. This is where the test of leadership comes in.

The ability to raise someone like you who will take the baton from you without any iota of insecurity is what we call a healthy self-esteem. A lot of persons find it difficult to raise others or replicate themselves in others just because they are afraid of someone who will come and outshine them. That’s not the case with a leader who has a healthy self esteem.

Jesus as a case-study

Jesus knew He was the son of God, so He needed not to turn the stone to bread in order to prove that. Also, He knew He had the angels at His command, so He needed not to throw himself off the cliff in order to prove that. That’s a healthy self-esteem. Oftentimes, people judge and measure us based on what we’re currently doing, but we’ve got to know ourselves beyond what our current realities are.

To be at peace with ourselves and with people around us, we can’t take away the place of a healthy self-esteem. A good self-esteem opens your eyes to your potentials and helps you to develop yourself in that light. It helps you to take an objective look at your environment and draw inspiration and strength. A healthy self-esteem sharpens your focus and helps you to grow in a specific direction without the pressure to be like others. It shapes your principles and attitude to life.

How to build a healthy self-esteem

Healthy self-esteem is built by finding your place of relevance in the world. When you begin to realize what you’re wired to do which others are blessed by and which in turn gives you a sense of fulfillment, you’re just about building a great self-esteem. Real self-esteem is in proper evaluation of your relevance to the society. When you know yourself as someone who’s got something to offer to the world, you don’t get intimidated by seeing another person doing the same.

A very terrible approach in trying to build self-esteem is when you begin to accumulate material things just to feel high or when you dress or make yourself up in a bid to be accepted. Real self-esteem is built by uncovering your inner qualities, not by adding to yourself. The real value of life is not in what you add to it, but what you discover from it.


The world is need of those who recognize their place and are functioning effectively in their place. These set of people who those who have discovered themselves, carved a niche for themselves and are constantly solving problems in that niche they have carved for themselves. They are two busy to envy others. The feats of others don’t threaten them. They appreciate others for doing exceptionally well and will not feel inferior when the stage is not theirs. This is what it means to have a healthy self-esteem.

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