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The secret code of success in life

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

The secret code of success in life


Success is an ideal. Success is not what we see over the media, at the pulpit, in the office, in the bank balance, or in expensive luxuries. It is not what we define for people; it’s something we allow them to define for themselves. Success is one thing in this world that everyone wants, but only very few achieve. This is why I’ve decided to use this post to teach you the secret code of success in life which only few have.

Wrong perception about success

If I asked you what makes you think a man is successful, you probably will say he has cars, houses, a happy family, children who are doing well, a high status in the society and all of that. The truth is, none of these makes anyone a success. They are only outcomes of success, not producers of success. The real success is what you become by the use of your time, energy and resources. The outcome of how you use these three vital things is the attraction or repulsion of those things you call “success“.

What is this secret code?

The secret code is “find that one thing that will give you the highest Return On Investment as you invest your energy, time and resources to it.” Every great personality in our world today gave his/her time, resources and energy to something and that thing ended up announcing them to the world. Now, it may not be after a week of investment or even a year of investment, but over a period of time, their consistency and focus began to yield massively. What one thing will you give time and attention to? You want to be successful? What is that one thing that will yield the best for your time, resources and energy? You find it? You’ve made it!

Now, here is the thing!

You may not find that one thing at once. It may be after one or two failed trials before you find it. And even sometimes, that one thing you will be successful in may not look like it from inception. The sure thing is, no one ever became successful, who gave up on life. And no one ever ended up a failure, who kept pushing on.


Success doesn’t look nice. It’s not found on TV, in the newspaper, or in the spot-light. It’s in the dark that you can find success- in the sweats, grit and stubborn determination, where no one will be there to say “well-done”. The things we find on TV, newspaper and in the spot-light is, success is being celebrated. That’s where we put on the 3-piece suit and smell nice. Do you want to be successful? Stay where success can be found and allow your consistency to make you one.

I remain your clarity coach and your clarity remains my priority.

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