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The missing block in brand building

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

The missing block in brand building


You see, whatever you want to succeed in, follow the rules! Start with the grass-root! Facebook did not start by opening website to reach the world. Rather, it started in the school dormitory with a target audience of just the school community where it was apparently domiciled. Coke did not start by putting drinks in cans and glass bottles. Coke started by pouring the drink in people’s bottles. Foundation matters a lot!

When you’re building a brand but fail to start with the foundation, you’re up for failure! Whatever you want to be known for, start within your corridor. Jesus didn’t just jump to the street to start showing Himself. Rather, He started by little by little, sometimes reading passages in the temple or following His mum to wedding ceremonies.

You just learnt soap making and instead of you to let your family and friends see how good you are first and be your mouth piece to others with their testimonials, you’re already thinking of competing with Morning Fresh? Who does that? It’s not time to start buying bottles and looking for someone to design logo for you. It will fail! Start small. Let people around you see how good you are. Win the people around you first, before thinking of winning a wider audience.

Brand building is not about design! A lot of people fail because of this mistake! You see people looking for logo design who can’t define what their vision, mission, value proposition and target audience are. They want a website but no functional social media handle. At times, I just wonder what people have turned digital branding into.


Dear young brander, please start from where you are. If you have not successfully run with footmen, how can you think of competing with horses? You will be choking yourself out of the race. Grow, don’t jump! Get some small wins and scale up!

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