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Steps to pursuing the right career

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Steps to pursuing the right career


When choosing a career path or trying to figure out what next you should be doing with your life, one mistake you should never make is trying to fantasize over a field or industry because it feels good to you. As a matter of fact, there are several other mistakes people make in this area. Some of them are:

1) Being drawn by the glamour and prestige of the field.

2) Going into the field because your best of friends are in it or doing well in it.

3) Just arbitrarily picking something up because of haste to gain admission into college or the pressing need to make money as the case may be.

4) Looking at the current prospect of the field without considering the future prospects.

These are just a few, but the commonest mistakes young adults make while choosing a path for their lives. One truth you should know is that the foundation needed to build a strong and bright future does not solidify in one day or one week. And again, using the foundation of a single flat as a model for the foundation of a 5-storey building is simply failure about to happen.

Need for Career Profiling

So before you look outwards to consider what is there for you to do, first look inwards to consider what’s there for you to use. What have you got? Take your internal stock. In the career model, before you start to consider possible options, the first thing is to do proper and thorough self-assessment. A personality test, temperament make-up test, etc., are all required. Have you ever done yours? If we ask what your chief temperament is, do you know? If we ask which other one follows, do you know it? You can take a free personality test here.

Every field has got a code of conduct and ethical rules

One other thing people fail to understand is that every discipline or field of endeavour has what we call the rules of the game. You will hear a white doctor say something like, “Under the ethics of my profession, it is not permitted for me to say this is a miracle.” In other words, medical science doesn’t give room to admit to miracles. If it cannot be scientifically explained, trash it out. That’s just an example anyway, but each field has codes of conduct. Does your lifestyle, personality, core-values, etc., align with the code of conduct of that field you’re eyeing? If not, take your eyes elsewhere.

You’ve got your uniqueness and what makes you what you are. It’s not weakness not to have certain natural abilities. It simply defines your boundaries and gives you a definition. And never expect to prosper with another man’s strength. You can only prosper in an environment where your strength is what’s most needed. Conclusively, every field has its own challenges and those are things that stand to separate the called from the enticed. If you were simply enticed and not called, your outcome will always be there to testify to your error. How? You will definitely not have the staying power to defeat those challenges. The end will always justify the means. And knowing that you can’t live long enough to spend your life in several trials and errors, why not take the time to clarify yourself? Laying a good foundation for your career and future is not a crash course. You’ve got to sit and learn. So, the earlier you stop the fantasy, the better.

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