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Professionalism is never enough!

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Professionalism is never enough!


Really? Professionalism is never enough? What then is there to strive for, if not professionalism? Well, the truth remains, clients are not looking for professionals alone. Clients are basically looking for someone who can listen to them and understand what their challenges are. No client is looking for someone who is just good at what he/she does. Have you ever heard the saying, “no one cares what you know until you show how much you care.”? That is just the truth! So, what other things do you need to add to your professionalism?

A noble attitude

Attitude is defined as one’s outlook or disposition towards things or others.
Your attitude to work, your clients, your business environment, your competition and every other entity that affects your business in one way or the other, matters a lot. Every professional needs to understand this. People want to see your attitude to money, time and other human beings. This is what will determine whether they want to continue with you or not.


When we talk about integrity, we talk about the ability to be held by one’s word. When you give clients a time-frame, do you keep to it? Do you keep to the promise you make on your deliverables? These are integrity issues. Another thing you need to understand is that, people want to be sure you have standards of quality that you don’t compromise. Every time you work, does your work reflect consistent compliance to certain standards?

Friendliness and customer care

People don’t just look for professionals. They look for someone they can be free with, someone who cares for their needs and is ready to satisfy their needs. Are you people-oriented? Do you have empathy for your clients? These are things your clients want to be sure of.


Professionalism is never enough! It’s not just enough to be good. You have to be caring as well. People want to see that you’re a human being with blood flowing in your veins. You need to relate with them beyond customer-expert level. They want a friend they can be informal with. People are wired with emotions and they only remain loyal to those who caress their emotions and feelings.

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