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Keys to attract high-end audience

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Keys to attract high-end audience


Your level of influence and profitability is determined by the calibre of people who appreciate what you’re doing and who find you valuable enough to be identified with. A very good question you should always ask yourself is, “can your business survive for long with the category of people patronizing and applauding your product/service?”

The real essence and measurement of growth is to scale up in the level of people you can have direct impact and influence on. One of the things I told myself this year is, I must upgrade my activities such that I can begin to get the attention of men that matter. Why? It’s what will determine how much I’m worth.

You see, the income level of the people you attract and their manner of spending will always have a huge impact on your profitability. The things that influence the buying decision of those you’re attracting and their definition of value is what determines your bottom-line at the end of the day. This is why you must be strategic about who you attract.

What are the keys to attract high-end audience?

1. Get in their front:

Push your value to those areas and communities where they can be found. Stop beating around the bush when the people who will dance to your beat are in kings’ palaces. Whatever value you’ve got to offer, learn to locate where people can pay premium to get those solutions. Stop selling your fruit juice in the village where all the villagers have fruits in their vineyards.

2. Speak in their language:

You need to be able to speak in the language of the great if you must get the attention of the great. Language here, does not denote mother tongue,but about codes of conduct, ethics of communication and manners of approach. You must learn how to wash your hands clean if you will be allowed at the table of the elders.

3. Serve your value in style & dignity:

There is a way you’re permitted to serve kings. You can’t serve a king the way you serve a commoner. The presentation and delivery must come in style. How do you dish out your talent? Those who will pay you premium for what you do cannot tolerate what they can’t be proud of. They want to boast about certain parameters about what you do. They want pride and prestige for their money.

The kind of people you’re attracting should be a concern for you. If you keep attracting that calibre of persons, will you be able to survive for long? For how long? In the field of graphic design, one great lesson of life I’ve come to appreciate is that beauty and class are largely determined by the kind of audience you’re serving. The kind of thing people of the lower class will appreciate and pay whatever they can afford for, you can’t try it for the middle or high class. By virtue of taste and exposure, they don’t define beauty by the same parameters.

So, in conclusion…

You’re largely responsible for the kind of applause you’re getting. Life is a mirror. It will only respond to us based on our performance and exposure.

Your comment will make a huge difference!

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