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Your customer and your competition

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

Your customer and your competition


It’s very easy to get caught up in the web of chasing after your competition instead of concentrating on your customer. You see guys who are doing something in a better way than you do them and you’re just on fire. Every morning you wake up, all you’re scavenging for is what your competition is doing differently, what new things they are up to and it’s just all about them.

You don’t look within and see how you can better than you were yesterday. Your attention is not necessarily on your customers, what they are saying, complaints they are making and the experiences they are longing to get from you. All you’re busy with is, trying to beat a competition somewhere. Perhaps, this is you! I must tell you that there is no bigger brand destroyer than this habit. You need to understand that between your customer and your competition, your customers should have the highest priority.

Disadvantages of focusing on your competition

You soon lose your signature as a brand

Always focusing on your competition simply makes you lose direction and purpose. And before you know what’s happening, it begins to show in your brand message and value propositions. Customers are very sensitive to see when you’re beginning to lose your focus. Your credibility before them and their trust for you drop drastically.

You soon begin to help build your competition’s brand

When you begin to focus on your competition, you start to look like them. And trust people! They will always know you’re beginning to sound like somebody else. How they react to that is, they will leave you and gravitate towards the competition you’re beginning to sound like.

Advantages of focusing on your customers

They begin to feel as part of the business

When you make your customers the point of focus, they begin to see themselves as stakeholders in the business and they treat your business as a profitable venture. They feel understood, cared for and pampered. In this kind of atmosphere, they will be the one to teach you how to serve them better and they will always be ready to reward you better for doing so.

They become advocates/evangelists of your brand

When they see that you’re after their welfare and satisfaction, they see you as a trusted hand to entrust their loved ones. When they think of you, they see you as a gift to give their loved ones. This is in contrast to when they begin to observe that you’re just playing the game of outperforming a competition and not necessarily concerned about their needs. They feel unsafe. It’s just like the parable that says, “when two elephants are fighting, it’s the grass around them that suffers.” In this scenario, they see themselves as grasses while you’re busy striving with one competition.


How have you been treating your customers? What position do they take in your business’ priority list? Do you rate them higher than your competition or it’s the other way round? Obviously, the results you’re getting would have been testifying to your error or good performance as your case may be.

As an advice, I would implore you to fall in love with your customers afresh. Your business is not to be the best in the game, but to be good enough for your customers so that they don’t look elsewhere, but instead, bring people to you. Your business is to build your tribe and make them feel that warmth of care.

I remain your clarity coach and your clarity remains my priority.

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