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There is no brand without consistency

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Simeon Taiwo

Simeon Taiwo

Creative director & lead coach at Clarylife Global; brand strategist, brand developer & educationist.

There is no brand without consistency


When we say branding, we mean having something unique and symbolic about you or what you do. The word “branding” is actually rooted in the mark people make on cows back in the olden days to identify which cow is for who. Branding therefore, serves as a unique means of identification, a signature that is generally recognizable and consistent with a person or an organization.

Two factors I have mentioned here are uniqueness and consistency. In a crowd of people dressed in blue, the man who decides to wear yellow won’t find it difficult to be popular. The reason is, by virtue of his unique appearance, he is bound to be widely noticed above every other person. It’s just like what I used to say, “‘popular’ is when everyone knows it, while ‘common’ is when everyone has it.” The blue is common, but the yellow will be popular because of its difference.

The Three Consistency Factors in Branding

Consistency in showing up

When you show up consistently and people see you often, you’re building recognition. That is branding. People get to take note of you by virtue of consistency in showing up. The person who asks or answers questions the most in the class will always be the most popular. That’s the power of consistency. So, in this digital age we’re in, how consistent are you in showing up? Do people know you outside your circle of friends and family? In social gatherings, digital media, religious space, etc., do people know you? If not, you’re not building a brand.

Consistency in giving value

It’s not just enough to show up. People need to feel your impact each time you show up. I’m well known in my local church and also on the digital space. I show up almost everyday and I give loads of value to bless people, inspire and educate them. And by doing this since 2016, I’ve built so much influence and brand recognition. People know me as a person of value and they respect me for that. And this is not only limited to church and social media. Even in social gatherings, volunteer groups, peer networks, I give value.

Consistency with the value you give

It’s great to show up and give value. However, it’s greater to be known for something. As you’re reading this, you would have seen that I’m a really good writer. If you take some time to go through the entire website also, you’ll see that there is a graphics studio in here. That means I’m a professional designer as well. I’ve got lots of things I do, but I always seek to be known for something.

No matter how many branches a tree has, it can only stand on one trunk. Showing up often but in different colours cannot earn you brand recognition. People need to know what you stand for and what you represent. When your name is mentioned, there should be not more than three things they can immediately remember about you. In a nutshell, find your difference and carve a niche. Don’t be general.


These are the days when branding is far more important than anything. Uniqueness and consistency are the two major factors. You must be unique and consistent in your uniqueness.

I remain your clarity coach and your clarity remains my priority.

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